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Prevent Obesity due to high cortisol levels

Prevent Obesity due to high cortisol levels

While there are many stressors in your life that potentially contribute to cortisol levels, there are several effective ways to manage your levels and prevent weight gain. Let’s take a look at these together.

Stay active to manage cortisol levels

One of the main ways to combat weight gain is regular exercise and an active lifestyle. Exercising regularly makes you more resistant when the stress factor manifests itself.

More importantly, regular exercise stimulates the release of endorphins that promote happiness and can make you feel good. Also, calories burned during exercise can promote weight loss and weight control.

Be more attentive when eating and shopping

We can decide what to eat, even if there are unforeseen events that we have no control over. First of all, it is very important to keep your blood sugar levels balanced and stable throughout the day. Because when blood sugar rises and falls, cookies and muffins look much more appealing than green beans and yogurt. Mindful eating encourages you to be fully aware. A large cross-sectional study found an association between intuitive eating practice and lower body weight.

Avoid foods containing refined sugar and refined oil in your eating habits. Make sure you consume enough protein throughout the day. Since proteins take longer to digest, it will help prolong the time of satiety.

Another important point is shopping. Because we consume whatever food is available at home. Be careful not to go shopping when hungry. Before you go shopping, make a list and do not go beyond the list. Thus, you will not have high-calorie snacks in your home. If you feel very hungry, you can prefer low-calorie foods such as lettuce and cucumber.

Make sure that you get enough sleep

Sleep has a significant impact on cortisol levels and potential weight gain. It is an often overlooked variable. Disruptions in your sleep patterns can cause an unhealthy rise in cortisol levels.

This can have a negative effect on your metabolism over time. It can cause an increase in certain hormones related to hunger and appetite, resulting in weight gain. Therefore, making sure you get enough sleep each night can ensure you maintain healthy cortisol levels.

In conclusion, there are ways to decrease your cortisol levels on a normal scale. This will help you to live a less stressful life while having the habit of healthy food and beverage consumption. Remember that the high levels of cortisol can cause you to gain weight. If you can follow the general health suggestion as above these may be helpful to you. We say ‘’may’’ because everyone has a unique metabolism and can have different responses towards high levels of cortisol.

If you believe that you suffer from obesity or being overweight due to high cortisol levels, ask for professionals’ assistance. Also, you can follow this link to read more on obesity surgeries.

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