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Rhinoplasty – How is it performed?

Rhinoplasty – How is it performed?

Rhinoplasty or nose job, is the name of surgical operations to change the shape of the nose. Reasons for having a nose job can include repairing deformities in an injury. Also, can include changing the physical appearance of the nose, or facilitating breathing by improving some breathing difficulties. In some cases, both breathing difficulties and physical appearance may be among the reasons behind the preference of rhinoplasty.

When planning a nose job, your surgeon will consider other features of the your face. Such as the skin on the nose and what the patient wants to change. A personalized plan has to exist for candidates deemed suitable for nose surgery.

As with all major surgeries, rhinoplasty carries various risks. There are always risks of infection, bleeding, and a negative reaction to anesthesia in major surgeries. There are several risks of rhinoplasty surgery. These include difficulty breathing through the nose, permanent numbness in and around the nose and more.

What are the preparations before Rhinoplasty?

Detailed information about these risks should passed on by the surgeon to individuals considering the rhinoplasty beforehand. Before the nose aesthetics proceeds to the planning stage, a meeting takes place between the doctor and the individual. It is to determine whether the surgical operation will be effective. Within the meeting, the medical history of the individual has evaluated by your surgeon. The most important question the doctor will ask is about the motivation and goals of the individual for surgery. At this stage, the most important detail for the latest results to be as desired is the expression of requests and objectives in a completely honest way. The surgeon will make it clear to the candidate of nose aesthetics what rhinoplasty can and cannot give them. After that, detailed information will be collected on surgeries and medications used.

How Rhinoplasty is performed?

This process, the doctor will perform a full physical examination, including laboratory tests such as blood tests. In addition, facial features should examined of the candidate of nose aesthetics. Also, through the inside and outside of his nose. In this way, it is possible to determine what changes should be made. Also, how physical features such as skin thickness or cartilage endurance at the tip of the nose can affect the results is determined. Physical examination the most crucial when determining the effect of rhinoplasty on breathing.

 If the individual has a small jaw, the surgeon can also talk to the rhinoplasty candidate about performing surgery to enlarge his jaw. In these cases, jaw surgery is not must, but brings a better balance in the face profile. It is usually possible to leave the hospital on the same day after nose surgery.

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