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Risks associated with Liposuction Treatment

Risks associated with Liposuction Treatment

This article aims to provide you with information about the risks associated with liposuction treatment. Keep in mind that vaser liposuction is excluded from the mentioned risks below. As there are rarely risks accompanied by getting vaser liposuction. General risks that relate to liposuction treatments as follow:

Contour irregularities: Uneven fat removal is a risk based on the surgeon’s experience not necessarily the liposuction treatment itself.

Blood accumulation: A temporary seroma (swelling filled with blood) that looks like a tumor may occur under the skin.

Numbness: You may feel temporary around the operated area and that is perfectly normal. Nerve irritation that is temporary is also possible too. However, these should last for a short amount of time. If they persist longer than anticipated, contact your medical healthcare professionals.

Infection: Occurs in the rarest cases.

Organ damage: Occurs in the rarest cases.

Embolism of fat: Extricated fat can get caught in a vein and gather in the lungs or travel to the cerebrum. It requires medical attention urgently.

Kidney and heart problems: The fluid level change that may develop while drawing fluid out of the area of ​​interest can lead to kidney and heart problems. This can pose a potential danger.

Slow recovery: The recovery period of the patient can be longer than expected. This is also not only related to the liposuction treatment itself. As well as medical history of the patient and current health status of the patient. play a huge role in recovery after the treatment.

Possible Complications of Liposuction Treatment

If this treatment that is not performed by highly experienced surgeon with high quality of materials in a most sterile environment can also lead to:

  • Hematoma;
  • Pulmonary edema;
  • Pulmonary embolism.

In conclusion, before making the decision of getting the treatment you should also be aware of the possible risks that relate to the same. In order to lessen the potential risks in liposuction treatment, you can work with CK Health Turkey to get your safe, reliable and affordable liposuction treatment.

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