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Root Canal Vs Tooth Extraction – Is it better?

Root Canal Vs Tooth Extraction – Is it better?

It is important to remember that tooth extraction is also a treatment option. However, tooth extraction should be our last preference or treatment option. According to the depth of the decay and the degree of sensitivity in the tooth, radiological examination can result in filling treatment and treatment of the tooth can be performed. However, some caries can cause excessive tissue loss, excessive sensitivities and severe pain as a result of open or infected canal of the tooth.

In such cases, the dentist may need to provide canal treatment. Sometimes the retaining of the filling to the tooth as a result of canal treatment and excessive tissue losses may be weak. In such cases supporting the tooth with post-supported fillings and porcelain coatings and may show more resistance to incoming forces. Your dentist may prefer a surgical treatment technique called apical resection. In cases where dental inflammations where canal treatment is not successful.

Apical resection/Tooth Extraction:

In this technique; the treatment is terminated by surgically treating the root end where inflammation occurs. Cleaning the inflamed area and removing some of it at the problematic root. If it does not give results in these treatments, if there is bone loss around the tooth, if the tooth shakes excessively, if there are too much tissue losses in the tooth to fill and coating, if the patient is at risk of infection, it is right to apply shooting therapy as the last treatment option.

The main reason for preferring canal treatment is that it is easier to retain your old tooth in this way, even if it is dead. Preserving the dead teeth will be useful to have it in your mouth, helping you chew food and speak properly.

However, this also has consequences. Having canal treatment make the teeth fragile and prone to cracks. Consider the example of the embalmed pharaoh. The inner part of the tooth was scraped off, which reduced the outer shell of the tooth to a dry, delicate and refracting state.

Therefore, your dentist may suggest a second procedure shortly after the canal treatment process. These include; Porcelain currency (coating) or onlay filling (directional filling).

Performing the canal-treatment, protecting the tooth is significant since the dentist will be removing the tissue.

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