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Sleeve Gastrectomy – How should I eat?

Sleeve Gastrectomy – How should I eat?

Sleeve Gastrectomy is a bariatric surgery for patients with morbid obesity-level weight problems. Basically, in this operation, almost 75% of the stomach is surgically removed. Thus, the amount of food that can be taken in one meal is significantly reduced. The shape of the stomach is converted from a large round bag into a thin tube. The purpose of this operation is to create a feeling of satiety in the patient with a small amount of food as the volume of the stomach decreases. In addition, with this surgical method, some hormonal changes occur that affect the patient’s hunger. Unlike heavy diets or other unhealthy and fickle weight loss methods, this method does not affect the nutrient absorption process or the continuity of the intestinal system.

First 2 weeks Post Operation

For about a week after surgery, you should only consume clear liquids. You are also not allowed to take soft or solid food after one week after sleeve Gastrectomy. Solid food can cause the incision point to open and leak after surgery. During this period, you can eat liquid foods, low-calorie and low-fat soups, jellies, protein drinks. An important condition at this stage that the liquid products consumed should be low-calorie and fat-free.

3 – 5 weeks Post Operation

Excessive food intake can cause discomfort and vomiting. You can use mashed meat, potatoes and all kinds of purees. Again, low calorie and low fat content should be taken into account. Avoid foods such as processed sugar and concentrated juices, and consume carbonate-containing liquids for one month after surgery.

6 – 12 weeks Post Operation

During this period, you can gradually add soft foods to your diet. You may eat cheese, well-cooked vegetables (through a blender) and protein products. The time between meals should be more than 4 hours, and each meal should be slowly chewed and eaten, for example, for at least 30 minutes.

4 months Post Operation

You can eat meat, eggs, vegetables and legumes. Foods containing carbohydrates, such as rice, pasta, bread, may not be tolerated by the body for several months.

First 2 years Post Operation

Calorie intake can be increased to 1000 calories if you strictly follow the instructions before and after the expected weight loss has been achieved. On this regard, ask professional assistance. Do not form a diet by yourself. Although this is a general dietary example for the postoperative period, it is possible to add or remove certain foods from the diet according to the patient’s tolerance level. In addition to following a diet, you should be prepared for a certain amount of regular exercise before and after surgery. This increases the expected weight loss and prevents repeated weight gain.

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