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Submental Lipectomy – Must Know Information

Submental Lipectomy – Must Know Information

A neck lift, otherwise known as a submental lipectomy, is a surgical treatment that eliminates fat accumulation under the jaw. Also, amends muscle laxity, tightens skin while enhances the outlook of the jawline. A neck lift is best for patients who are generally healthy without dynamic illnesses.

Our group credited and highly experienced healthcare professionals manage patients of CK Health Turkey through each progression of the neck lift cycle to ensure the most ideal outcomes. It is all done while keeping the current health status of the patient at its highest.

What will take place before and during Submental Lipectomy?

The specific technique will rely upon your specialist’s evaluation of your medical history and expectations. Once the specific technique is confirmed with your health professional, he will place an incision under your jaw.

Your healthcare professional will straightforwardly extract the fat accumulation during the operation. After that your healthcare professional will fix muscles and may eliminate a small amount of skin.

How to get the best out of the operation?

We regularly perform this technique related to a standard cosmetic touch up or with nose a medical procedure (rhinoplasty) to accomplish adjusted facial proportions. We may likewise perform a Chin Surgery to adjust the essential shape and equilibrium of the face. A submental lipectomy can reshape the face characteristics into a stunning profile. You can view our entire facial medical procedures on our official website.

You can contact CK Health Turkey for your free and private consultation with one of our highly experienced surgeons. So that you can ensure getting high quality treatment that is customized to you that is affordable. Keep in mind that our surgeons specialize only in one area of medical treatment. This is because everyone cannot be an expert in more than one field. This especially applies in the medical industry.

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