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Suitability for Fat Injections

Suitability for Fat Injections

Fat injections can be applied to any requested parts of the body of the patient. It is the gold standard in the fat injection treatment of subcutaneous adipose tissue. As well as skin quality, deep wrinkles and sagging. They play an enormous role when it comes to deciding on which part of the body will receive fat injection.

In addition, it can be used for the removal of wounds caused by trauma, burns, post-operative dents and disorders. Alternative fat injections can be applied to lip filling. Large volumes of fat injections can be made for breast or butt enlargement. It is for patients who are suitable patients.

Are Fat injections difficult?

It is easy and practical to apply fat injections to lips to enlarge and get rid of the facial wrinkles. This can be performed through small volumes fat injection under local anesthesia. There may be swelling and bruising that may last for 1-2 days after the procedure. However, the patient can return to their daily life after the procedure.

In general, if there is a high volume of fat to transfer, sedation or general anesthesia preferred. Also, it is appropriate to perform in the operating room environment. This is an application that has no side effects, because it is made of the patient’s own tissue.


Any part of the body can have fat injection. As per the request of the patient along with their realistic expectations. This will decided together with your doctor. In addition, if the surgery can performed with an implant, fat transfer not suggested. It is due to its nature that the most of the injected fat can dissolve over time. Also, when compared with the other types of plastic surgeries, fat injection is one of the most easiest treatment.

Important Note: Keep in mind that there is a chance of 70% of the injected fat to dissolve. This can happen naturally over time. Thus, contact with your doctor to get more information on the same.

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