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Teeth Whitening in Turkey Price

Teeth Whitening in Turkey Price

The daily cleaning routine for teeth allows us to have a healthy mouth and teeth. However, what we eat during the day, the genetic structure and the medications used by the mother during the development process in the mother’s womb, the products with coloring properties such as cigarettes and tea that we drink in daily life, and even the fluorine content in the water cause discoloration in the enamel layer. In fact, the factors we have counted so far are also “Why aren’t my teeth white?” There is also the answer to the question.

In addition to the fact that cigarettes, tea, coffee, and carbonated drinks consumed during the day cause significant color changes in the teeth. Aesthetic concerns gain importance in the developing society and the need for a beautiful smile brings the teeth whitening option before us. It is especially important aesthetic option for service sector employees who are in direct contact with people.

There are two types of discoloration on teeth. These are;

Internal coloration: These are stains that have penetrated into the tooth and cannot be removed by brushing. Structural defects that occur during the formation of teeth (due to drugs or due to excessive fluoride intake) are also included in this class. The bleaching process is very successful in most of these types of cases.

External Staining: These are the stains that adhere to the tooth surface from some coloring foods such as cigarettes, tea, coffee, and cola. It is mostly possible to get rid of these stains after dental calculus cleaning and afterward.

Different colorations require different treatments. For this reason, it is best for you to take your consultation from CK Health Turkey’s highly experienced smile experts to decide what type of treatment should be done.

When it comes to teeth whitening treatment, Turkey becomes an option for the patients of CK Health Turkey in where they combine their treatments with dental implants and crowns. This way, our patients have a chance to have their dental treatment and vacation with their loved ones at the same time. You can get access to dental treatments that are reliable, safe, provide pleasing results with affordable prices in Turkey with CK Health Turkey.

To get your rightly priced all-inclusive healthcare plan, contact CK Health Turkey.

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