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The general concept of Prominent Ear Surgery

The general concept of Prominent Ear Surgery

During prominent ear surgery, which can be performed under local or general anesthesia. The incision made from the natural fold in the back or inner part of the ear. The operation can last about an hour. Once it finalized, the surgeon can place self-dissolving stitches on the inside of the ear.

Will There Be Marks After the operation?

Incisions made during prominent ear aesthetics performed at points that will not be seen by others. Thus, the operation is not aesthetically disturbing.

Therefore, even if there is a vague scar, it cannot be noticed by others that the prominent ear aesthetics are performed. Because the incision made from the natural fold of the ear.

At what age the earliest prominent ear surgery performed?

Prominent ear aesthetics known as an aesthetic operation. That can performed from the earliest ages. After the development of the ears completed usually when the age of 5 years completed. It is useful to carry out this operation before the children start school life, if possible. Parents need to think more sensitively about prominent ear aesthetics in order not to subjected to sarcastic rhetorics in their environment.

Do Ears Return to Their Former State After Prominent Ear Aesthetics?

As just stated in this blog, during the prominent ear aesthetics, a permanent change in the ears applied via aesthetic stitches. That can be permanently applied to the inside of the ear that is self dissolvable. Therefore, the possibility of ears returning to their former state can be highly decreased.

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