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Tummy Tuck – Simple Guide

Tummy Tuck – Simple Guide

Tummy tuck is one of many plastic surgery that exists. Getting a plastic surgery is a personal choice and should be decided based on personal preference. If decided, market research on the surgery should include the price. But what price does include? You can find out from CK Health Turkey.

Below, you will learn more on Tummy Tuck about how should you be prepared for it.

There is a simple guide on tummy tuck surgery for you have! Keep reading to find out everything you should know before having the surgical procedure from CK Health Turkey. The surgery is a surgical operation that helps patients to have a flat stomach while removing unwanted and excessive fat in the belly and making the skin tight so that the layout is flat and smooth. This is accomplished through removing unwanted excess skin and fat and tightening the abdominal muscles. It is usual to undergo liposuction of the abdominal area as well before tummy tuck surgery to get a greater result with a nicely sculpted tummy which is attractive and natural.

Deciding to have a tummy tuck is a personal choice and a great step in your personal life. You are high likely to feel excited about the new you, and anxious about the actual any possible risks and complications. The main reason you feel anxiety is because of the fear of the unknown and not understanding what to expect and not being emotionally ready. Let’s clear the air from anxiety while helping you prepare for the procedure as well as a complete tummy tuck checklist for what to expect before and after tummy tuck.

Why should you consider having a this operation?

Having a considerable amount of weight loss in a short amount of time; going through pregnancy and later on childbirth can lead to having saggy skin. As a result, you might have an excessive amount of fat. Strictly following a diet that is most balanced for you and having exercise can help you to have a firm skin to some extent but result will not be long term and you still might have saggy skin. Most patients choose tummy tuck surgery to have long term results. These long term results should be supported with a self tailored diet and exercise. Keep in mind that with years go by, skin can naturally sag to a small extent due to aging.

How should you be prepared to Tummy Tuck Surgery?

Being healthy and having a preferred amount of weight is the first step towards preparing yourself to tummy tuck surgery. In the couple weeks prior to your date of surgery, keep in mind fueling your body with low fat and high protein foods will be in your benefit. As CK Health Turkey, we are here for you as you will not be able to care for yourself for the first week of your surgery. You will approximately 2 night stay at the hospital.

Feeling completely ready for your tummy tuck surgery will help you have much less stress and have a quicker recovery process. To help you further, we have prepared a checklist of things to do before your tummy tuck surgery:

Things to be aware 2 Weeks Before your Tummy Tuck Surgery

·    Do not take diet pills, supplements, herbal medications and teas, as they may increase bleeding during surgery. Always consult health professionals before taking any type of medication

·    Do not delay notifying your doctor if you have a fever, cold, flu or sore throat before your surgery, so that your surgeon can determine if your tummy tuck surgery needs to be postponed.

·    Do not continue to smoke if you are a smoker. Keep in mind that this is a matter of serious health concern. Smoking increases the chance of surgery related complications and risks such as stroke, shock, heart attack or premature death during surgery. Smokers have vastly higher chances of risk and complications relate to the surgery. Heart attack, stroke, shock, and premature death are some of the examples of these complication. Smoking restricts the blood flow thus making surgical wounds less likely to heal late and for these wounds to be more likely to be infected. In addition, the immune system is weakened due to smoking, which increases the risk level of infection during the healing process. Remember that your health is the most important concern!

Things to be aware 1 Week Before your Tummy Tuck Surgery

·    Do not follow anything out of your surgeon’s orders inclusive but not limited about prescriptions and pain killers.

·    CK Health Turkey will make sure that you will always be accompanied after your tummy tuck surgery. Only keep in mind that after 30 minutes you will feel freezing cold after you are awake and away from the surgery room. But this sensation is completely normal as you are spending time in the surgery room under anesthesia in a cold temperature.

1 Day Before Your Tummy Tuck Surgery

Drink plenty of fluids containing electrolytes such as water during the day.

Set some comfortable outfits to wear over the next days after surgery.

Do not forget to get a good night’s sleep before surgery.

The Big Day of Your Tummy Tuck Surgery

You will be instructed to not consume any food or beverage on the day of your surgery.

You can take a shower with an antibacterial soap, so do not forget to bring for yourself.

Wear comfortable clothes along with flat shoes.

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