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Vaser Liposuction Turkey – 6 Crucial Points

Vaser Liposuction Turkey – 6 Crucial Points

Vaser Liposuction Turkey involves series of parameters that a patients should consider when getting vaser liposuction Turkey. Prices can also help to determine the the quality of the surgery area, the quality of the materials used and the level of experience that the surgeon has. In order to make the right choice for yourself, CK Health Turkey is here to provide you assistance to help you differentiate the the high quality treatment that is safe and performed by a highly experienced surgeon in a rightly priced all inclusive healthcare package. For further details you can contact and get your consultation from

CK Health Turkey.

Below, you will see the 6 key points about liposuction you should take into consideration when getting liposuction.

1. Making sure the food and beverages you consume are safe before vaser liposuction:

Get your nutrients from places where you trust the source. Pay attention to the preparation and storing of the food along with the date of expiry, and sanitation of cooking and storage areas of the foods you buy to ensure safety.

2. Consuming enough water during the whole day:

On average, daily water consumption should be between 2 to 2.5 liters; If possible, it may even be increased to 3 liters per day. 

3. Embracing ‘Adequate and Balanced Food Intake’:

The most basic and most crucial rule of Adequate and Balanced Nutrition is to consume the 4 main food groups in certain proportions at all meals. These are the Bread-cereal group, Milk and products group, Fruit-vegetable group, Meat-legumes group.

4. Avoiding excessive food consumption:

Pay attention to the portion size you consume by putting enough food on your plate.

Do not try to finish the meal on your plate; when you are full, leave the remaining amount on your plate.

5. Being careful about not skipping meals:

It is generally advised for Healthy Nutrition that 3 main meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) and 3-4 snacks a day should be consumed on average. Skipped meals can lead to irregularity in blood sugar levels and a sensation of hunger to be felt sooner than normal. This usually results in the person consuming more food than they need to on the next meal and thus takes more than enough energy into his body. The unused energy will be restored in the body as fat for next time and this can lead to obesity. 

6. Paying attention to the amount and type of fat intake:

Food with high-fat content should be avoided during this time. Such as cream foods, mayonnaise, other foods made using fats and fat, cream, and other types of fatty foods… Meals should be cooked with only one dessert spoon of oil in a meal per person. You should avoid adding fat to meals containing meat (red meat or white meat). Olive oil should be added after meals are cooked. While cooking, the frying method should not be used but boiled, steamed, grilled, oven methods should be preferred instead. Products containing semi-fat should also be preferred instead of whole milk/yogurt/cheese.

Important Note: You should always get a second professional to advice from credible medical professionals.

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