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Vertical Gastric Sleeve – Pregnancy/Breastfeeding

Vertical Gastric Sleeve – Pregnancy/Breastfeeding

When can I start to plan for pregnancy after gastric sleeve surgery?

One of the most important gynecological diseases caused by excess weight is the polycystic ovary. It is caused by ovaries being covered with a vast amount of fat cells. Women with this condition need to reach their ideal weight for pregnancy. You can consider pregnancy after vertical Gastric Sleeve surgery by the first year.

Completing your slimming process and the time for breastfeeding is one of the main variables in determining the time period between your surgery and your pregnancy. You should not worry regarding your baby’s health.

Can I breastfeed after gastric sleeve surgery?

Since the baby is feeding with breast milk in the first 6 months after birth, adequate and balance in nutrition of the mother is imperative as it affects the quality of breast milk. For this reason, planning of the pregnancy and breastfeeding should be a year after the vertical gastric sleeve surgery.

For what reasons I can postpone or cancel my gastric sleeve surgery?

Neurology, endocrinology, anesthesia, cardiology, general surgeon and otolaryngologists examines and evaluates the postoperative examinations thoroughly. If there is no suitability for surgery in any department, you may postpone or cancel the surgery to a later date, aiming to eliminate the problem that prevents the operation.

The best obesity surgery depends on the patient’s medical history and current health state. Due to extensive internet research patients may think one type of obesity surgery is the best obesity surgery for them. However, you should be remember that decisions on the best obesity surgery treatment must be on health professionals’ medical expertise in order to receive pleasing and long term results.

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