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What are 3 myths of Bariatric Surgery?

What are 3 myths of Bariatric Surgery?

1.Everyone Who Wants To Can Indeed Have Obesity Surgery.

Bariatric surgery in Turkey should be provided with the right team and surgeon. To the right patient, and with the right method. And the results will excel in many patients.

    Bariatric Surgery requirements and the suitability of the operation is determined by a variety of factors. According to the criteria; Patients with a body mass index above 40, Those with a body mass index between 35-40, and lastly those with underlying conditions such as obesity-related diabetes and hypertension. Along with those between the ages of 15 and 65 who are indeed eligible for a bariatric operation. Considering all the conditions above, if a patient had tried many methods of diet and exercise previously and is not able to lose weight can also be considered a candidate for bariatric operations.

2.The Most Suitable Surgery For Every Patient Gastric Band Surgery: WRONG!

 Gastric band operation is performed less and less throughout the entire world. As after the gastric band is placed, it can move, erode and slide from the area where it is located. In these cases, it is either fixed in place or removed with medical intervention. Serious and fatal disturbances may occur as a result of leakage on the clamp being attached. You may experience stomach spasms and It can cause the onset of reflux in the stomach. This causes the esophagus and stomach entrance to wear out. Infections may occur in the area where the clamp is attached. These risks are important to know and to be aware of what might happen. The acceptance of the clamp applied by the body may vary from person to person. As a result, gastric band operation may fail and may need to be repeated. In that regard, we do suggest exploring all of your options prior to making your final decision of having a Gastric Band operation with Ck Health Turkey Medical Centre healthcare professionals.

3. I Do Not Gain Weight Again After The Surgery: WRONG!

After a bariatric operation, weight gain can be observed, There may be several reasons for weight gain after bariatric operations;

     If the Stomach volume is left wider than it should during the operation, the patient will need to eat more for satiety warning. The patient can easily spot this situation, which is one of the reasons for insufficient weight loss or weight gain after the operation. This condition can be located through endoscopy. In addition, it is normal for the stomach to expand a certain amount after the surgery.

    After bariatric operations, patients need to change their lifestyle according to the operation performed and abandon their old habits. This is the essential rule for the patient to experience permanent results. Bariatric operations on their own will not be sufficient enough for a patient to be able to lose weight. Because the mechanics of obesity are very simple, your calorie intake versus your calorie consumption determines the weight loss in the long term.

    If their calorie expenditure is not achieved and with a sedentary lifestyle, patients can observe weight gain after their operations. Unfortunately, a significant number of patients do believe that bariatric surgeries on their own can cause sufficient weight loss. In that regard, a nutritionist should advise the patient on the appropriate diet after their operation, not just for weight maintenance but also for increasing the living standards along with the lifespan of a patient in the long term.

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