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What are the risks involved in fat transfer?

What are the risks involved in fat transfer?

Fat transfer, like all medical interventions, do involve risks. Some undesirable situations reported in the medical literature that may develop within the fat transfer application listed below. Also, this information, here to inform you and aimed to give you more information about the risks you may encounter after your operation.

Although the possibility of occurrence is low within the pre-cautions, the risk of infection that may seen in every surgical procedure is also present within fat transfer. Signs of infection seen in the form of redness in the area where the procedure applied, increased pain or excessive sensitivity, and also increased body temperature. Infection treated within the use of antibiotics.

A certain amount of fat dissolvement occurs within time, then the procedure may be repeated. Since the fat tissues homogeneously distributed, the dissolvement also seen as homogeneous.

Asymmetry in fat injections is very rare. Also, drowsiness or excessive sensitivity in the area is a problem that may rarely be encountered. Softening the area with massages can help the sensation recover more quickly in such cases.

In very superficial fat injections, a colour change may occur in the performed area. This situation is difficult for correction. For this reason, repetitive injections and fat transfer very close to the surface should be avoided.

Although it is extremely rare, if the fat tissue cannot injected properly it may cause palpable masses to group. This situation is comparably more common in areas where the skin is very thin, such as the eyelid. Also, in such cases, it treated by massaging the area and within the support of medication that reduces tissue edema.

Important Note on Fat Transfer

Many patients satisfied with fat injections. Also, as with all the cosmetic procedures, it is very important to consult with an experienced surgeon for a realistic outcome. There is no guarantee that wrinkles and pits will disappear completely. Also, there is no guarantee that additional treatments will not required to achieve the desired outcome.

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