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What is a dry socket?

What is a dry socket?

Dry socket is considered to be a painful dental condition. It may happen after the extraction of an adult tooth. If a blood clot does not develop before the wound has healed.

In a normal case, blood starts to cloth at the site of the tooth extraction. This cloth provides protection as underlying bone and nerve endings are exposed to any potential harm. You start to experience dry socket after 1 – 3 days of tooth extraction post-op. If you experience the same, you should inform your dentist immediately. As over the counter medication wouldn’t be sufficient for pain management.

Can you get a dry socket with a dental implant?

Depending on the patient, there might be a need for tooth extraction. After tooth extraction, if blood clothing does not happen, dry socket can be experienced. Most healthcare professionals state that tooth extraction treatment does have little to no postoperative complications. In general, there is a chance of 2% – 5% of post-op dry socket. If you have received your implants immediately after tooth extraction, you can avoid the risk of dry socket.

Can I drink coffee after dental implant surgery?

After your dental implant treatment, your gums will start to heal. As there will be incisions made through them during the treatment. Thus, it is crucial for you to avoid very hot and cold beverages after the procedure for at least for 2 – 3 days. You may continue drinking coffee after the approval from your dentist.

How do you brush your teeth after dental implants?

The oral hygiene at its great importance after the dental implant treatment. However, be mindful of not disturbing the area of operation. Do not rinse your mouth for 24 hours or do not probe around the operated area with your fingers or your tongue. You must brush the area of operation with slow movements in the gentlest way possible.  

Keep away from smoking and drinking alcohol for at least 2 weeks. Not doing so, you can prolong your recovery process. Ensure that oral hygiene will be its highest point post-op. So that your recovery can be smooth and fast paced. 

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