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What is Otoplasty In Turkey?

What is Otoplasty In Turkey?

In the medical world, otoplasty means ear aesthetics. Correction of prominent ears is the process of reshaping for a more natural and aesthetic look. There are many surgical techniques and methods for otoplasty in Turkey.

Anyone who is not satisfied with their ear shape and would like to improve the outlook of ears can have otoplasty surgery. Pathologies such as ear size and prominence (absence or weakness of antihelix and cavum concha hypertrophy) disturbing patients and obtaining natural and patient-pleasing results with various otoplasty techniques. Especially for children, the average age of 5 is the ideal time to have otoplasty. The fact that the prominent ear can affect the psychology of children quite negatively due to negative comments by the school population.

How is Prominent Ear Surgery (Otoplasty-In Turkey) performed?

Otoplasty – In Turkey is a cosmetic surgery that takes place under general anesthesia. Average operation time varies between 1 to 2 hours. To be able to provide the desired shape of the patient to the ear. Your consultant will make an incision behind the ear with some suture techniques. Achieving the natural and aesthetic result on the ear, depending on the condition of the case, your surgeon may find cartilage excision necessary.

After the surgery, your consultant will close the incision behind the ear with suture techniques. Thus, there will only be a faint scar that is not easily noticeable. In addition, there will not be an issue of surgery scarring that disrupts aesthetics due to that very reason.

What should be considered after the surgery?

One day after ear surgery, your surgeon will change your dressings. Attach a hair band with a consistency that will not be strictly tight around entire ear. Using this tape on a regular basis and strictly for approximately for 3 weeks. In this way, the chance of the load on the stitches holding the cartilage that returns to its previous state. And is decreased with this tape. The cartilage hardens and heals in its new position during 3 weeks post-op. Another function of the headband is to reduce edema in the first days after otoplasty surgery. This is to get rid of the swelling quicker and to prevent the ear from rubbing or straining the pillow. While sleeping. There may be numbness in the ear for a couple of weeks. During this period, you should not dry your hair with a blowdryer.

What are the risks of prominent ear surgery?

To eliminate the chance of infection, wrapping the dressing around the area of operation carefully in a sterile environment will be sufficient. There would be less chance of opening and deformation in the ear, when the stitches in the area for the patient are suitable and high quality. You will not observe in per operative bleeding control and postoperative dressings, hematoma (blood accumulation) with a surgeon that excel in their field.

After the operation, your surgeon will change your dressings regularly on your post operative visits for the next 10 days. On the tenth day, the patient can get back to their daily routine, with a major suggestion to wear the elastic head bandage when sleeping.

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