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What is Peri Implantitis?

What is Peri Implantitis?

Peri implantitis is an infection that occurs around the dental implant. Patients who have lost their teeth for various reasons are resorting to implant treatment due to aesthetic concerns and impaired chewing function. In some patients, peri implantitis can occur post – op. 

Peri Implantitis occurs in the tissues around the implant as a result of improper application of the implant, leading to bone loss in these tissues. Periimplantitis, known as inflammation in the implant area, occurs as a result of the accumulation of bacteria around the implant. After answering the question of what is peri implantitis, this blog will provide you information about the symptoms of it.

What are the Symptoms of it?

Poor quality of the jawbone, lack of sufficient soft tissue in the bone are some of the factors that can contribute towards the same. As well as, experience of the dentist, material properties of the implant, low body resistance can also be included. Moreover, long-term smoking creates inflammation in the implant area causing the same. Periimplantitis, known as inflammation after implantation, indicates that implant treatment is not successful. In order to eliminate post-implant problems, the recommendations of specialist dentists should be followed.

Now to the symptoms of peri implantitis. Periimplantitis, the largest of the problems after implantation, occurs in the form of redness, bleeding, gum abscesses during oral examination. If the symptoms of peri implantitis are advanced, the implant should be removed.

How is peri implantitis treated?

The main goal in the treatment of periimplantitis is to remove the inflamed tissues from the implant site. During the treatment of periimplantitis, support tissue can be created for the patient’s jawbone. Which also extends the life of the implant. The most effective way of its treatment is to remove bacteria using a tissue laser.

Do not forget to consult your dentist to get information about post-implant inflammation, inflammation in the implant area. In order to find answers to your questions such as what is it, what are the symptoms of it. As well as how to treat it, what could be the post-implant problems.

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