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What should I avoid after dental implants?

What should I avoid after dental implants?

After getting your dental implants treatment, there are series of food types you should avoid. You can see the below to avoid at least approximately for 10 – 14 days. This precaution will help you to have a smooth recovery. These are;

  • Chips;
  • Any type of crusty bread;
  • Ice cubes;
  • Steaks or other types of meat that is hard to chew.

At the same times, you should avoid avoid any type of drinks that are acidic and sugary. Also, you should avoid too hot or too cold foods and beverages. Because they can cause slight discomfort.

When can I eat chips after dental implant?

As mentioned above, you should avoid eating chips during your recovery from dental implants treatment. Otherwise, it can cause for a setback for your recovery. In addition to the above, there are some categories of foods you should avoid. These are;  

  • Hard to chew foods;
  • Crunchy foods;
  • Sticky foods;
  • Spicy foods;
  • Acidic foods;
  • Very hot foods and liquids.

Are implants as strong as real teeth?

The existence of dental implants to provide an alternative for missing teeth. They are designed to last for many years. You can also increase their durability with high level of oral hygiene. These implants can provide aesthetics as per patients’ needs and wants. That is why, you can always contact CK Health Turkey for getting your all inclusive dental treatment plan.

Compared to other types of dental treatment, dental implants can provide great dental solutions for you. In general, implants are made of titanium. They are the strongest materials as of today.

Keep in mind that adequate bone structure is required to be able to receive the treatment that can provide successful results. That is why, CK Health Turkey offers free consultation for you to take advantage from. If requested, your dental implant treatment can be supported with bone grafting. So that needed support for dental implants is covered by the bone graft.

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