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Leg Lift Surgery – When do I need it?

Leg Lift Surgery – When do I need it?

Leg lift surgery becomes essential if your skin lost its elasticity. Especially, if liposuction treatment does not provide you the results. Getting rid of the sagginess is the most important goal of the surgery. Patients who decide to have this surgery due to aesthetic or health concerns.

·     Obesity

After bariatric surgery, another surgical intervention is needed to remove excessive fat around the leg area. Thus, Leg Lift (Thigh Lift) Surgery continues to be one of the most popular plastic surgery among patients.

·     Postmenopausal Aesthetic Disorders

Decision of the same surgery can be made to get rid of sagging after menopause. The result will be to have a more tense leg appearance at its most natural.

·     Rapid Weight Gain as a Result of Received Treatments

Human body operates in an organized manner and patients have to be aware of their food and beverage consumption and exercising because these actually affect the whole body. In addition, the treatments received can have positive or negative effects on many parts of the body, along with the treated area. Rapid weight gain can make the leg area look more pronounced, thus the surgery can be found appropriate as a surgical intervention.

Who can have Leg Lift (Thigh Lift) Surgery ?

Anyone who has deformities in the part between the knee and ankle and is visually disturbed by this situation can have this surgery. In Turkey, there is an age limit of 18 and patients have to be 18 years old or above in order to the same by law.

In conclusion, having a plastic surgery is a personal choice. Thus should be decided with right reasons. If you have more questions about your surgery, you can contact CK Health Turkey for further assistance anyday.

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