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Which type of hair transplant is the best?

Which type of hair transplant is the best?

There is no specific answer to determine which type of hair transplant is the best for the patient. It is determined by the patient’s needs as well as realistic expectations. Also, a patient’s medical history is a great determinant. Because this will affect how hair transplant will be performed. Below, you can see some of the examples from the DHI method and the FUE method.

  • The FUE Method is great for covering large bold areas. Whereas DHI Method provides better chances of high density hairs.
  • The DHI Method does not require the patient to shave the area of operation unlike in the FUE Method. That is why, DHI Method is preferred mostly by female patients.
  • FUE Methods require a longer recovery period and may cause more bleeding when compared with DHI Method.
  • The DHI Method requires healthcare professionals to be more skilled and experienced to perform this technique.

Does the transplanted hair fall after hair transplant?

Yes, transplanted hair can fall after the transplant. First of all, the main advantage of the same is that it is a long term solution for hair loss. When patients take great care about post-op procedures, the results last for a lifetime.

You should understand that it is normal for your newly transplanted hairs to shed. This will stop approximately after 6 weeks of post-op. Thus, this is not a permanent phase. The new hair will start to grow within 6 weeks. You will be able to see the end results clearly after a year.

Also, keep in mind that newly transplanted hair can thin with the passage of time. It can be just like normal hair.


There is no specific answer for which type of hair transplant is the best. Answer of that question is determined by the patient’s needs and wants as well as their medical history. Also, this does not mean that if your friend benefited from FUE methods, you can too.

In addition, newly transplanted hair follicles can shed within the first 6 weeks of post-op. This is completely normal and will pass away by itself. 

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