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Why do the results of gastric sleeve surgery differ from person to person

Why do the results of gastric sleeve surgery differ from person to person

First of all, you will see that everyone has a different metabolism, a different body structure, pain threshold, health status, and BMI value. Taking these values ​​of the patient into consideration, different obesity treatments or metabolic operations and different techniques are applied. The fact that there are bariatric surgeries that are very different from each other cannot be predicted precisely in advance to decide which one is the most suitable for the patient without considering many factors as mentioned above. Therefore, it is recommended to you to entrust yourself to the hands of experienced experts in the medical field. It is imperative that you ask for professional assistance when deciding to have a bariatric surgery to determine your eligibility and manage the whole process of it.

Can I gain weight without losing it after my gastric sleeve surgery?

Weight gain cannot occur if the patient is attentive for their nutrition plan and exercises after their gastric sleeve surgery. In general losing weight is all about calorie intake and outtake. If the patient has a high calorie intake and low calorie outtake can gain weight even after their gastric sleeve surgery. That is why, high calorie foods and unhealthy snacks should be avoided strictly. As you remember from the previous topic of this blog that ghrelin hormone (hunger hormone) is removed thus you will have no feeling of hunger afterwards.

Can I get a rest report after my gastric sleeve surgery?

A resting report can be provided after evaluating the results of the patient from their gastric sleeve surgery by CK Health Turkey.

When can I return to work safely after my gastric sleeve surgery?

The process of getting up after gastric sleeve surgery can be fast. The fact that the operation is performed laparoscopically and minimizes tissue damage provides a very fast paced healing period. Thus, you can return to work approximately within 3 days after discharge for desk workers, and approximately within 6 days after discharge for active employees. Keep in mind that the process of healing may vary patient by patient and the mentioned days above for the healing process is only for your general information.

When will my check ups be scheduled after my gastric sleeve surgery?

The after gastric sleeve surgery check ups occur in the 1st week, 1st month, 3rd month, 6th month and 12th month as this is a general rule of thumb.

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