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Why is my Tooth Black under my dental crown?

Why is my Tooth Black under my dental crown?

After installation of your dental crown should not darken. It is not something that is normal and should have a medical attention by your dentist.

In most cases, bacteria is the cause of this discoloration. Poor oral hygiene and care is the main reason for the same. The tooth decay gives a toothache.

Another reason can be is to have a wrongfully sealed dental crown. When that is the case, the gap between tooth and crown can gather food scraps leading to bacteria growth with poor oral hygiene. In addition, cavity can be another reason for the same.

 Also, if you had a dental filling in order to have your teeth restored and it had stain can cause the same.

In any case, you should visit your dentist to get a medical assistance on the same.

Can I leave off my Dental Crown off when falls?

No, leaving it off is not a good idea at all. The most important step is to have you recover the fallen part of the dental crown and take it to your dentist. Because there is a high chance that the fallen teeth can be cleaned and then fixated back into your mouth.

Make sure to ask your dentist for further instructions that you should follow afterwards. After the procedure is complete, you should take extra care when performing oral hygiene.

If your dentist suggest you to have a new dental crown, you should take extra care when eating and chewing. Avoid hard to chew foods and acidic liquids until you get a new dental crown.

What is the difference between a crown and a dental cap?

You can see the term ‘’Dental Caps’’ and ‘’Dental Crowns’’ at the same time online. Be not confused. They are the same in terms of the product but called differently. Keep in mind that ‘’dental caps’’ is an old terminology but the latest one is ‘’dental crowns’’. Most dentist use the terminology dental crown.

Can I use electronic toothbrush on crowns?

As mentioned above, after getting your dental crowns you should take great care of your oral hygiene. Also, make sure to do it softly to avoid damaging your newly installed dental crowns.

Can a crown be taken off and put back on?

In general, any type of dental crowns can be durable approximately for between 5 -15 years. Also, keep in mind that a metal crown may last up to 20 years or more. In addition, zirconia or gold crowns may be durable for life.

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