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Dental Zirconium Crowns & Hollywood Smile in Turkey

What are zirconium crowns?

Zirconium crowns white-colored substance used in tooth coating. Due to its color, light transmittance, and durability, it is most popular in dental treatments. It is a revolutionary type of coating after metal over porcelain in dentistry. Zirconium tooth coating provides a more natural appearance compared to metal-supported crowns.

What are its advantages of Zirconium Crowns?

  • Zirconium tooth coating provides a natural appearance and has light transmittance that is very close to our natural tooth.
  • Compatibility with gums is very good. Especially when compared than traditional porcelain over metal. While porcelain over metal can cause a purplish appearance on the gums, this is not the case with zirconium.
  • Zirconium tooth coating may preferred, as it will provide you with the closest view to natural teeth, especially when you have your anterior teeth.
  • Some of our patients may experience allergies to metal-based porcelain coatings that it is more biologically compatible.
  • Less tooth tissue cut from the tooth to made out of zirconium. Because, in traditional porcelain over metal, the tooth tissue cut more to reduce the grayish appearance that will reflect from the metal and to provide a more natural appearance.
  • Since fewer cuts made on the teeth to aesthetically veneered. It also expected to be less hot and cold sensitive.
  • If a single tooth to be plated, it is more appropriate to make zirconium teeth because it cannot be distinguished due to their similarity to natural teeth.

What are porcelain crowns?

The process of covering the teeth of a patient with tooth-shaped materials to protect the teeth that suffer from excessive material loss for many reasons called a porcelain crown.

In which situations are porcelain crowns applied?

When a patient wants to change the form and color of the teeth for reasons such as dental aesthetics, a porcelain crown can be applied. Besides, porcelain crowns can be applied to protect the teeth with excessive loss of substance if there is less dental tissue due to root canal treatment.

Apart from this, if the porcelain coatings made before need to change, then porcelain crown application can made. Dental porcelains used to create a beautiful and natural tooth shape for porcelain crowns. Porcelain visually resembles natural teeth. However, although they resemble natural teeth, one technique may be more suitable than another technique. This determined by evaluation of needs and expectation of the patient.


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