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5 Questions You Must Ask Your Plastic Surgeon During Your Tummy Tuck Consultation

5 Questions You Must Ask Your Plastic Surgeon During Your Tummy Tuck Consultation

  Ck health Turkey Medical Center provides all kinds of health services in Turkey with its clinics and hospitals at international standards and experienced doctors, so that our patients can safely return to their homes after their tummy tuck operation.

We accompany our patients by detailing all their processes from the time they get off the plane to their return. As you know, the decision to come to another country and seek treatment is a very difficult one. For this reason, all the programs of our patients are personalized. Before you come for your treatment or operation, your entire process is communicated and explained in detail. Your consultation is taken by our consultants and health coordinator’s.

 In that regard, did you know that by asking the right questions, you can actually determine the best suitable treatment for yourself?

1. Is Tummy tuck The right procedure for me?

In general, you may qualify for this procedure if you have excessive fat and loose skin following pregnancy, weight fluctuations, or as a result of aging. For women, wait until you are done having children before having this procedure performed is suggested. Please note that your medical history is also significant when it comes to your suitability of the operation, The operation suitability may differ from person to person considering the details provided above as the tummy tuck and mini tummy tuck results.

2. How should I prepare prior to my surgery?

 In the weeks leading up to your surgery, try to stay healthy and avoid getting sick. If you smoke, you will need to stop for at least two weeks before the surgery date, and you should avoid smoking for at least that long afterward. It is important to avoid all forms of nicotine, such as nicotine patches and gum. Nicotine interferes with recovery and will increase complication risk. Please consult with your Ck Health Turkey Medical Centre health professionals for further information.

3. Is there anything I need to know regarding tummy tuck recovery timeline?

During the first one to three days after surgery, it is highly recommended that someone stay with you. For the duration of your stay in Antalya for your operation. We do provide you with your VIP Nurse that will be accommodating with you the nights after your operation. Your activity level should be limited, and you need to rest. Arrange for help with children, cleaning, and transportation until you feel well enough to return to work. The suggested rest time is 10-14 days post operative period with tummy tuck operation.

4. Will the scarring be visible after tummy tuck surgery?

  The answer would be yes, the incisions will be seen, although for the vast majority of our patients, the scarring will fade over time and become less apparent. Scars might take up to two years to fully recover and fade, this process differ from patient to patient.

   With abdominoplasty the incision runs from one hip bone to the other, but it generally follows the contour of the pubic region and is made low enough to be hidden by undergarments or a bikini bottom. If a new belly button opening is formed during the procedure, the incision inside the tummy tuck belly button is carefully disguised and blended in. Be sure that your surgeon takes the time to hide this incision rather than making one around the belly button, as these scars are impossible to hide and generally do not heal well. 

  Scarring can also be reduced with tape and tension reduction sutures. Furthermore, depending on how much excess skin needs to be removed, stretch marks below the belly button may be removed during an abdominoplasty procedure. Your surgeon may also remove stretch marks that are located above the belly button within the procedure.

5. How long does the operation last?

 Long-term results are possible if you keep a steady weight and exercise regularly. You should be within your target weight range before to surgery, as weight fluctuations even of roughly 5-10 pounds can impact the appearance of the results. Similarly, becoming pregnant following a tummy tuck might stretch the skin and separate the abdominal muscles.

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