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Breast Reduction surgery: What to consider?

Breast Reduction surgery: What to consider?

After the breast reduction surgery, the breast tissue will be swollen. It is due to edema. Edema decreases rapidly within 3-4 weeks. It is normal that there may be a slight sensation of pain, such as a feeling of burning from time to time. But keep in mind that it is not abnormal.

After surgery, the stitches removed in 12-15 days in general. Heavy sports should not performed for 2 months. After a month, sports done in the form of light walking.

Exercises that will cause difficulty in the arms and chest muscles, uncontrolled movements banned after surgery. If the chest pressured, there may be bleeding inside the chest through the opening of the seams.

The other important issue is smoking. Do not smoke for at least 1 month after surgery. Smoking both impairs wound healing and reduces blood flow of tissue and skin in the surgical area by narrowing small vessels, disrupting tissue nutrition, cell destruction. Also, cell death, wound opening, seam opening, inflammation.

What are the risks of breast reduction surgery?

Bleeding, blood loss, hematoma (blood build-up in the tissue) may occur during or after the surgery. There is a certain amount of blood loss with the removed breast tissue. Therefore, it is important that blood values are at normal limits before surgery.

Conditions such as delayed wound healing or significant scarring (hypertrophic scar – keloid) can occur especially in diabetics. This can happen to whom are smokers or people who are prone to developing bad scars. These patients can be treated with some special methods.

Breast reduction surgery cannot be performed without cutting the milk ducts. Although not necessarily all, some of the milk ducts are cut together with the removed breast tissue. Therefore, there may be a breastfeeding problem after surgery. However, using some special techniques, this probability can be kept at very low rates.

There can be infection, inflammation, wound opening, stitching. These situations can be corrected by intervening in a timely way. The opening seam can be re-sewn.

After breast reduction surgery, fat necrosis, i.e. adipose tissue, may break down and melt. Accordingly, discharge may occur from the side of the wound or between the seams. Breast reduction surgery may cause pain, burning, stinging sensation in the breasts in the postoperative circuit.

There is a risk of loss of the nipple when the methods applied by protecting the nipple are used in very large and saggy breasts. It is more appropriate to prefer techniques where the nipple is applied in the form of patches to patients with such a risk. It is possible to make nipples again by using the methods in which surgical methods are combined with tattoo application for patients with nipple loss.

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