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Breast Augmentation – Possible without scars?

Breast Augmentation – Possible without scars?

Breast augmentation is a surgery that is invasive. Thus, this means some level of scarring. As in every plastic surgery, some traces will remain. Because in breast lift surgery, the application is performed by taking the nipple and the colored area around it higher than the normal place. In breast lift surgery, since both the excess skin is removed and the nipple will be displaced, a surgery trial is formed. The most important points in application. The scars are suitable for normal body lines, traumatic techniques are used during the surgery, and the necessary materials and tools are used in instrumentation. In addition, after the surgery, some methods are used to make the scars become less noticeable as they mature. The important thing here is to make the traces as less obvious as possible in the future.

In breast aesthetics, scars are usually made by hiding the natural curves of the breasts. Although it initially appears as a red line, it improves and disappears in time. The scars are slightly more in breast lift and reduction surgeries. However, as they heal, they turn into a white line. Thanks to the advancing technology, the cuts are getting shorter and shorter. For example, with the non-contact breast aesthetic technique, only a few centimeters of vague scars remain.

Can Breast Implants endure for a long time received in Breast Augmentation?

The lifespan of breast Implants can last approximately 10 to 15 years. It is challenging to provide the patient’s with a certain life for the latest generation breast implants, as their applications still continue. However, it will be longer than the previous generation.

Who can have the operation?

It is performed on individuals who are at the age of 18 or over by law. It is not recommended when the patient’s breasts are not yet developed.

Are the results of the operation permanent?     

After the Breast Aesthetics (Breast Augmentation) Surgery, the breasts start to regain volume and become plump. Breast lift surgery cannot prevent the breasts from re-wrapping. Breasts may sag again in the long term due to aging, gravity or giving birth.

How long can I have the operation after giving birth?

It should be performed at least 6 months after giving birth.

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