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Cosmetic Surgery Turkey – Is it safe?

Cosmetic Surgery Turkey – Is it safe?

Cosmetic surgery Turkey is one of the most popular choices among patients all around the world. The reason behind it is that Turkey, as a country, provides a strong healthcare with highly experienced medical healthcare professionals in the most sanitized operating rooms. However, this does not mean that all providers of surgical treatments in Turkey are the same. On the other hand, you can find a clinic that you trust, rely on and have affordable prices for your treatment. Cosmetic Surgery Turkey can be one of the most safe option for you.

What are the cosmetic Surgeries in Turkey?

Depending on the request of you as a potential patient, there are many options to choose from. According to the studies conducted, face lift, arm lift, are the most popular ones among patients when choosing Turkey.


Although facelift perceived as a cosmetic procedure, it sometimes comes across as a medical necessity. Especially, among older male patients who have a skin loosening and sagging prefer facelift.

There is no age limitation for facelift other than being 18 or older to receive the surgery. This required by law. However, the operation comes from necessity, it can be performed with the permission of parents. That is why, your consultations play a huge role before your surgery to determine your suitability.

After bariatric surgery, which has become very popular today, patients lose weight rapidly and this causes disturbance on the skin. Thus, leads to skin to sag. These patients also prefer facelift techniques to get rid of the skin sagginess on the face.

Arm Lift

The surgery technique to be performed is decided depending on the sagging rate of the skin and the thickness of the subcutaneous adipose tissue. In general, skin sagginess is caused by rapid weight loss that is excessive. In these cases, liposuction is needed to remove the fat tissues first. Vaser Liposuction is the most popular in this case. As, vaser liposuction is the least invasive among other liposuction methods.

After liposuction, the abundant skin surgically removed. Sometimes the abundance of skin can be limited to the armpit. Then the abundance of leather picked up, leaving a limited scar that can be hidden under the armpit.

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