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Fast recovery: A nose job operation

Fast recovery: A nose job operation

There is no specific way to make your recovery faster after your nose job operation. The only suggestion can be made here is to follow your healthcare professional’s medical advice. However, you can see the below that impact the recovery process the most. Such as:

  • Avoiding any direct traumas to your nose after your surgery;
  • Sleeping while laying down on your back and using 2 pillows to elevate your head above the heart level;
  • Do net bend over or lift heavy weight approximately for 8 weeks;
  • Start with your sports activities after 8 weeks only after receiving approval;
  • You may start with your sexual activities only after a month after receiving your doctor’s approval.

If you follow the above suggestions, in general, you can have a smooth recovery and have a higher chance of completing your recovery sooner.

Important Note: Keep in mind that there are many suggestions to make the recovery smooth and fast. The above ones are only some of them. In order to make sure that your recovery after nose job, follow your medical professionals’s orders and be in constant communication with them.

Can you drink from a straw after rhinoplasty?

No, at the beginning of your post operation, you should not use straw. Only after 2 weeks post-op can you start using one. This is to avoid hitting your straw to the area of operation.

How long does a nose job last?

If the nose job is medically successful and has pleasing results for the patient, it can last for a lifetime. There are some techniques that do not involve surgery. For these, it may last a year or 2. This is because they are not as effective as rhinoplasty.

How long will a nose job take to heal?

The recovery time and the overall process can change based on the patient. This is because everyone has a unique metabolism. For your knowledge, it will take, in general, a year for your nose to take its final shape. 

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