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Nose Job – What to know?

Nose Job – What to know?

Nose Job is the most preferred surgical operation worldwide among other types of aesthetic surgeries. Also, it is performed for a beautiful nose that is compatible with the face. In recent years, natural-looking noses that can fully fulfill the functions of the nose have been preferred in rhinoplasty. 

This is achieved by utilization of latest technologies along with highly experienced and skilled medical healthcare professionals. Also, look for a clinic that offers high quality materials and most sanitized hospitals for your treatment as well.

Nose job surgery techniques can preferred depending on the aesthetic problem in the nose. As well as, tissue characteristics of the nose, examination operations, and whether there are conditions such as sinusitis, intranasal curvatures.

Aesthetic nose surgeries performed under general anesthesia. Also, they usually take between 1.5-2.5 hours depending on the application. Also, the technique used during the surgery impacts the number of operation hours. 

The basic principle of nasal aesthetic surgeries is to separate the nasal skin and the mucosa from the bone. Also, it performed with the help of the experiences that will made starting from the inside of the nose. The desire to use different techniques and technologies to the bone and cartilage structures of the nose. 

It’s the repositioning of the skin and mucosa after it done. Also, in aesthetic nose surgeries, no direct intervention made to the skin covering the cells, except for special cases.

What are the types of Nose Job? (Open VS.Closed Operations)

In the open technique approach, the nasal skin completely lifted with a small incision. Also, this performed from on the tip of the nose and a direct view of the entire anatomy. On the other hand, in closed operation, nose job performed nasal skin not lifted.

Both approaches have advantages and disadvantages when compared to each other. Also, the application preference made according to the features of the nasal anatomy and the problems in the nose. 

After the bone and cartilage problems corrected during nasal surgery revealed using one of these two approaches. Also, the different surgical techniques and technologies can used according to the content of the current problem of the patient. It also depends on the patient’s medical history and overall health status.

For nasal aesthetic surgeries, names such as ultrasonic rhinoplasty, piezo rhinoplasty, diamond rhinoplasty or precision rhinoplasty can be used. Also, it depends according to technological equipment such as piezoelectric devices, micromotors and tour systems used during surgery.

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