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Frequently Asked Questions about Otoplasty

Frequently Asked Questions about Otoplasty

In this blog, you will find useful information about Otoplasty. There are most frequently asked questions about prominent ear surgery. If you have more questions on the same, make sure to leave a comment for a reply.

Can you tell I’ve had an otoplasty?

Having prominents ear can be uncomfortable. It is a fact that ,especially children, who suffer from prominent ears may experience psychological traumas. 

As a result of the intervention in the ear, the appearance of the person’s ear becomes natural. Overall, the patient who had otoplasty surgery can be detected from outside observation. However, there is no trace of ear aesthetics in the patient. The reason is that stitches are made in a way that will not disturb the aesthetics.

How long can post-anaesthetic recovery last?

There is also a recovery period that is related to the condition of the patient. It can be stated that individuals who do not smoke and drink alcohol recover more quickly. 

But the average process takes approximately between 3 – 4 weeks. It can take up to three weeks for the ear to take its completely normal form. Keep in mind that everyone has different bodies. Thus, the recovery period can vary patient to patient.

When can I return to my daily routine?

In most of the aesthetic surgeries, you may return to your daily routine as soon as possible after surgery. However, there are still a number of points to be careful about after surgery. Like not exercising heavily or not engaging in a strenuous job… You can find further details of the same from our Blog. There is no harm in following your doctor’s recommendations accordingly.

How long does prominent ear surgery take?

Prominent ear surgery can take up to an hour or a half. However, if the patient has more than one plastic surgery, the surgery may be prolonged. 

How much do ear aesthetics cost?

People with aesthetic problems related to the ear should focus on the expertise and achievements of the aesthetic center before the price. Thus, an institution that can achieve better results. Each aesthetic center’s expertise may be different. Paying attention to their references, you can choose the best one for yourself.

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