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FUE: Advantages and Disadvantages

FUE: Advantages and Disadvantages

The FUE method is a surgical procedure that does not use a scalpel and does not require stitches. Session intervals determined according to the condition of the patient. It is not necessary to wait between the sessions in other methods. It is an application where the hair follicles taken one by one and the transplantation process performed. There are no incisions after the operation. It can applied to both women and men, regardless of gender. After the operation performed with the FUE technique, the recovery takes place very quickly and the patient can continue with their daily life.

What are the Advantages of theTechnique?

With the FUE technique, eyebrow and beard transplants also performed in addition to the hair. Since there is no problem in the removed hair follicles, the desired number of hair follicles can be transplanted. The amount of hair follicles taken in FUE technique is higher than other techniques.

During the hair transplant operation, local anesthesia applied to the patient. Afterwards, the area of operation will numb. In the FUE technique, sowing performed using a fine-tipped device called the FUE motor. Thus, the hair transplant process completed in a short time.

The same number of hairs grows as the number of hair follicles transplanted. Approximately between 4,000 and 7,000 hair follicles can be taken and transplanted in one session. Depending on the this technique, even if the patient is completely bald, hair follicles can be taken from the chest and leg area. The FUE technique can also be used as a corrective operation. With the this technique, the patient may be able to achieve their expectations. Keep in mind that the expectations should be realistic and achievable for your satisfaction.

What are the Disadvantages of FUE Technique?

While the FUE technique has advantages, it also has some disadvantages. Such as, FUE method takes longer operation time when compared with other techniques. Thus, an increased number of sessions causes results to be more expensive than the rest.

Before starting the transplantation process, the hair must be shaved. Hair follicles are extracted at a certain speed using a micromotor device. If the rotation speed of the machine is not adjusted well, it may damage the hair follicles. That may result with no more hair follicles to form in the area. That’s why you have to be very careful when choosing your healthcare professional.

In the FUE technique, if too many and faulty roots are taken from the area where the hair follicle is taken, opening and thinning occur in that area. The FUE technique is a little more difficult to apply on thin hair. In addition, the FUE technique cannot be applied to every patient. First of all, consultations should take place before anything else.

It can be stated that hair transplantation with this technique can provide a natural outlook. With highly experienced and skilled healthcare professionals, it can offer long term satisfaction in many aspects.

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