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Hair Transplant Surgery in Turkey

Hair Transplant Surgery in Turkey

This blog is all about hair transplant surgery. Also, this blog will provide you further information on FUE Technique in Hair Transplant. Also, will provide some of the frequently asked questions with their answers.

Fue Technique is an abbreviation of the term “Follicular Unit Extraction”. Involves removing and placing the micro-hair follicle bundles in scalp, called follicular units, one by one. The follicular units to be transplanted are taken from the scalp individually with a special tool. Then, the roots are placed in their new places on the same day. This method allows the use of hairs in the body in principle by removing them. As well as its combination with FUT technique.

What is the biggest advantage of FUE technique in Hair Transplant Surgery?

The biggest advantage of the method is that the locations of the roots removed one by one are not determined after the recovery, that is, the initiative does not leave a trace. In FUE technique, the places where the roots are taken complete their healing within 24 to 48 hours. Since it does not leave any traces, it is possible to perform this technique by keeping the hair very short.

Am I a suitable patient ?

As with all other hair surgery intervention techniques, consultation will take place. It is to determine patient’s suitability for hair transplant. If determined that the type of hair loss is suitable for transplant. Also that there are sufficient roots in the candidate, the patient receives a time frame for further consultation.

How Hair Transplant is performed?

On the morning of the day of the operation, this area shaved. It is to facilitate the collection of roots from the donor area. After the shave completed, the specialist doctor applies local anesthesia. Thus, no pain aches experienced during the intervention. In the first stage, the roots collected. Then, very thin root canals opened in the area where hair transplant will take place. After that permanent roots placed inside these root canals.

How will my recovery be?

After the operation, crusts begin to appear in the area of operation. The first two days the healing process continues. There is no need to do anything in this process other than recommended. 

After about 10 days, the shells in the area begin to fall out as a result of washing. 15 days later, the healing process of both regions completed and there will be no trace. After 3 weeks, approximately 60 – 70% of the transplanted hair is shed. After 8 – 12 weeks, the transplanted hair begins to grow again.

When do I see the result?

Between 8 – 12 months after operation is the optimal time to evaluate the results. Hair becomes thicker from the time it first started to grow and approaches the thickness of the hair.

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