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How is Recovery with Tummy Tuck and Breast Lift?

How is Recovery with Tummy Tuck and Breast Lift?

Tummy Tuck and Breast Lift

In some cases, due to necessity, in some cases, at the request of the patient, performing more than one aesthetic surgery at the same time is called combined aestheticsTummy tuck and Breast Lift operations are also one of the most common combined procedures. Surgical interventions to be performed together are determined during the consultation process along with the measurements made during the preoperative physical examination and the photographs taken of the patient.

When deciding on combined aesthetic interventions;

• The length of the operation period should not adversely affect the general condition of the patient.

• Preoperative blood values should be at a sufficient level.

• It is generally not preferred in elderly patients and people with chronic diseases.

• The order of the surgical intervention to be performed is decided individually for each patient.

• Smoking may prevent the combine operations to take place within one session.

Post Operative Recovery Timeline; FIRST 7-10 DAYS

In this period, you’ll need plenty of rest during this time, but it’s still important to get movement every day, even if your movement is limited to walking slowly around the house or your hotel for a few minutes at a time. Walking helps improve the healing process and minimizes the risk of complications associated with poor circulation. You should expect to walk bent at the waist for the first 7 days after your tummy tuck operation. You can slowly return to the upright position, but it’s important that this progress happens very slowly. Your surgeon will also suggest to prepare an area where you can sleep lying down but in an uneven position before surgery. You will sleep in this flexible position for about 7 to 10 days, which will help your incisions heal well and you can still rest and get enough sleep. Mostly, after combined operations patients can return to work (desk jobs) 10 to 14 days after their surgery.

Post Operative Recovery; 10-14 Days After The Surgery

At this point, many patients actually start to feel very close to normal. Again, this is a general observation, and some patients take longer to feel close to their baseline expectations. Even patients who feel quite well should avoid any heavy lifting or strenuous activities for the next 4 to 6 weeks. Results may be compromised if the healing process is not completed with tummy tuck and breast operations.

Another suggestion would be to prepare activities that will entertain you and stimulate you mentally during your recovery. Create a space where you can easily access electronic devices (including electrical outlets to charge them), books, TV remotes and puzzles, or any other relaxing hobby you enjoy.

Don’t over rely even with our advanced pain control techniques. No heavy lifting or strenuous activity for about 5 to 6 weeks. You should take the time to recover.

As with any surgery, the width of the area affects the healing process. Conditions such as pain and swelling may occur. For this reason you should follow your surgeon’s prescription. Standing up early and doing the recommended movements will speed up the healing process. The seams dissolve and do not need to be removed. Then a corset is used for approximately 2 months.. Regular exercise and diet positively affect the healing process of tummy tuck surgery as well.

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