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Inner Thigh Surgery– FAQs (Part 2)

Inner Thigh Surgery– FAQs (Part 2)

In this part of the blog, there are further frequently asked questions about inner thigh surgery for your perusal. You can find the below answers highly beneficial for yourself. If you have more questions on the same subject, you can contact CK Health Turkey for your leg lift surgery consultation.

How long does it take to recover from inner thigh surgery?

There is no specific number of days or weeks that can be given as an answer for the above question. The main reason is there are just too many variables to determine the same. Such as the patient’s metabolism and the patient’s medical history along with the extent of the surgery.

While making a generalization, it can be said that some of the patients are able to resume their normal activities approximately between 4 – 6 week. However,this does not mean that you will be completely healed after that. Also, in order to see the results of your leg lift surgery, you may have to wait for approximately a year.

Contact your doctor to have customized information for yourself on the same topic.

Can I sit after a thigh lift?

You are highly discouraged to sit for long periods. However, you may be able to sit after a thigh lift after a week post-op with the permission of your surgeon. Moreover, it should not be on a frequent basis. During this time, you can comfortably lay down on your back while resting. This is a precaution that is designed for you to avoid stitch splitting as much as possible.

How long after the thigh lift can you walk?

After consulting with your doctor, you may start to walk slowly and gently after 2 weeks. This will help with your blood circulation. Thus, can help you avoid blood to clot around the area of operation. Keep in mind that during this time, any type of sports are not permitted.

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