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Mommy Makeover: Recovery Process

Mommy Makeover: Recovery Process

Mommy makeover is a plastic surgery type which is designed to have a series of operations as per the need of the patient. Mommy makeover is usually preferred by women who have childbirth. Keep in mind that knowing more about the whole process can provide you a smooth recovery period. That is why, this blog is here to provide you information on the recovery process after the operation.

How is the recovery process after my Mommy Makeover?

First of all, an important point to be considered for those who want to have maternity aesthetics is to not smoke in the 2-week period before and after the surgery. Because smoking negatively affects the healing process after maternity aesthetic surgery. It complicates the surgery as blood vessels shrink and can cause future complications as well.

Also, it is crucial for you to take your expectations into account before your mommy makeover.The reason is that the results of maternity aesthetics vary according to the needs. Also, the recovery period differs according to the body type of the patient.

Remember that the recovery period after surgical procedures such as removing excess fat, labiaplasty, and tummy tuck and breast augmentation is affected from patient to patient. Generally speaking, complete recovery after a mommy makeover may last approximately for 3 months.

After your mommy makeover and during your recovery process avoid any strenuous activities. Such as, any kind of sports or heavy lifting. Heavy lifting also includes lifting your newborn.

In addition, you should have a habit of eating from well balanced and healthy food sources. You should get medical professional assistance for your nutrition intake after your operation. As there are many diet programs you can follow online, you may not know for sure what works the best for you.

This habit accelerates your healing process, but also protects the new body image gained after surgery. Because any weight gain and weight loss can affect the outcome of the surgery negatively.

In conclusion, after reading this blog, you know the great importance of nutrition intake and light exercising after your surgery. Otherwise, your surgery results can negatively affected by any weight gain or loss. That is why, you should protect your weight after your surgery on the same level. In case you have any further questions,

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