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Nose Job in Turkey – Frequently Asked Questions

Nose Job in Turkey – Frequently Asked Questions

Nose job is one of the most popular type of plastic surgery around the globe. Thus, there are many questions asked on the same. Along with, there are series of information you can find online that may be misleading. That is why, you should get an updated and complete information from highly experienced and skilled healthcare professionals.

As always, CK Health Turkey ensures to provide information that up to date and correct. Thus, should you have further questions on nose job, you can contact CK Health Turkey.

Below, you will find the frequently asked questions about nose job in Turkey.

Why nose job exists?

It exists to changes the shape of the nose to function properly and aesthetically attractive. Thus, rhinoplasty may result with the change of nose appearance while improving breathing positively. Follow this link to learn more about how rhinoplasty is performed.

Also, it can transform the shape, size and/or proportions of your nose to more attractive.

Rhinoplasty also be performed to repair nose deformities with the aim of overcoming some breathing difficulties.

Is it considered a major surgery?

Nose job (rhinoplasty surgery) is considered a major surgery. The reason why it is classified as it is because it is highly invasive. This fact does not change regardless of an open or closed surgery.

That is why, it is at its greatest importance for you to find a right clinic for yourself that provides safe, reliable and affordable medical treatments.

Is it safe?

There are no major risks involved with nose job surgery when performed by highly experienced and skilled healthcare professional. As well as a highly sanitized operating theater, high quality materials also decrease the level of chance of risks and complications of the same.

If above are not present during your surgery below risks and complications can arise. These are:

  • Nose bleeding;
  • Permanent nerve damage;
  • Infection;
  • Allergic reaction towards anaesthesia;
  • Long term numbness and swelling;
  • Aesthetically disturbing scarring at the base of your nose;

In conclusion, working with a right clinic can help you avoid any possible risks and complications from your rhinoplasty surgery to maximum.

How my relationship with my partner will be after my rhinoplasty surgery?

Intercourse is risky for you after within 10 days of your rhinoplasty surgery. Kissing is less of a risk when compared with intercourse. However, it would be in your best interest to avoid kissing for 10 days also. The reason is that these activities increase your blood pressure. Which can lead to higher chances of bleeding. Thus, can result with longer periods of recovery time. You may continue with these activities after 10 days only after consulting with your healthcare professionals.

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