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Weight Loss Surgery – The quality of life

Weight Loss Surgery – The quality of life

How my quality of life elevated due to Weight Loss Surgery?

Weight loss surgery is a serious decision and should be taken with great care. In order to make a right choice for yourself, you can always contact CK Health Turkey for your all inclusive healthcare plan and its price.

Below, there is the explanation of the quality of life once the patient receives weight loss surgery.

Many studies have shown that surgical weight loss has a positive effect on quality of life. The increasing prevalence of obesity has begun to represent a major health problem worldwide. Obese patients are at risk for diabetes, hypertension, reduced quality of life due to impaired physical activity, and depression. Bariatric surgery has become an effective and safe therapeutic option in the treatment of morbid obesity. Weight loss through bariatric surgery helps to alleviate comorbidities and improve quality of life. Bariatric surgery, which reduces overall mortality and the incidence of diabetes and cardiovascular disease. It can also provide effective results when diet and exercise programs are insufficient. Success after bariatric surgery should be measured not only by a reduction in weight. But also by an improvement in health-related quality of life.

One of the most important steps in obesity surgery is the process of adapting to the change. Patients tend to adapt to these changes return to abandon their bad habits in order to elevate their quality of life. Remember that this surgery is not a final destination but a tool. If you are not careful about your diet and exercise, your old weight cna return. Maintaining the weight that patients who lose weight after surgery achieve and improving their quality of life are closely associated with changing nutrition, exercise, and healthy lifestyle behavior of patients.

Physical activity after the operation

Regular exercise and regular physical activity are key to stable weight loss. Moving around will help you reduce and maintain your weight gain. Walk for at least an hour each day after leaving from the hospital. Choose a slow pace at first and increase your speed as your endurance develops. After six weeks, you may start regular training with a higher degree of difficulty, always ask your doctor, as well as exercises to increase flexibility and endurance. Exercise at least three times a week and at least three hours (walking, cycling, swimming, fitness, etc.). Research shows that patients who exercised for at least 120 minutes a week lost an average of 4 kg more weight than those who did not exercise.

It is very important to start breathing actively immediately after bariatric surgery. A simple breathing exercise, such as inflating balloons, is very useful. It has to be done several times every hour. Such breathing exercises are needed to prevent congestive pneumonia.

Pregnancy after Weight Loss Surgery

The first 12 months after surgery, pregnancy should not be a condition. During this time, you need to use a reliable method of birth control. With the onset of pregnancy in the future, more frequent monitoring of folic acid is mandatory, and additional amounts should be taken from them. If you become pregnant, we recommend that you inform your nutritionist immediately and make an appointment for a consultation. Regardless of the above, research shows that the likelihood of becoming pregnant after obesity surgery increases, and the risks associated with pregnancy and childbirth decrease.

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