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What is Breast Reduction treatment?

What is Breast Reduction treatment?

Pregnancy, breastfeeding, weight gain and loss, aging, genetic characteristics are the main causes of breast reduction treatment.

The duration of breast operation may vary depending on the patient and the health care professionals. The surgical operation approximately takes between 2 to 3 hours. A night stay at the hospital can suffice. After the operation, you can get back to your work and social life within seven days.

Keep in mind that it is most crucial for you to wear a special bra. You should wear them at least for 15 days after surgery. You must take care to avoid heavy physical activity or sports within 15-20 days after surgery.

Having large breasts can lead to serious health issues in female patients in the long term. Among them, the most important are: Neck, back and shoulder pains. In addition, large breasts cause disfigurement caused by bra straps on the shoulder. Restriction of physical activities and inability to wear the desired clothes are also why breast surgeries are popular.

In order to provide symmetry in breast reduction surgery, different surgical techniques may need to be applied to both breasts.

Patients decide to have breast reduction surgery for many reasons. The main one is to obtain symmetrical breasts in terms of size and form. Which addresses the patient’s complaints.

Who can have breast reduction treatment?

Female patients who have completed breast development and complain about the size of their breast can highly benefit. This surgery can also be performed in men with the development of female breast tissue. The name of the surgery is gynecomastia. You can find more information on CK HEALTH TURKEY Official website.

What should be considered after Breast Reduction surgery?

Rest for at least 3 days after getting discharged from the hospital after breast aesthetic surgery. After breast reduction surgery, you will need to use antibiotics and painkillers. Use your medication regularly. Do not interfere with your dressings after surgery.

Do not strain your arm for at least 4 weeks after surgery, do not carry weights, and avoid pushing movements during recovery. After the surgery you need to use the sports bra that you recommended to you. You should wear them at least for a month. This bra will both reduce pain and help shape the breasts.

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