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Gastric Balloon – What is it?

Gastric Balloon – What is it?

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1 Mechanism of action of the operation

1.1 How your surgeon inserts the gastric balloon?

1.1.1 For how long it is placed? How a person loses weight after installing gastric balloon?

Gastric Balloon is one of the four main types of obesity surgery operations that are currently available. Also, the gastric balloon is perfect for those who do not want to resort to surgical interventions for weight loss. In addition, the installation of gastric balloon can be themost beneficial obesity surgery for you due to the absence of many complications. You can leave the hospital on the same day of your treatment. Also, you can return to an active lifestyle within two days after installing the gastric balloon.

According to modern requirements, bariatric operations should be performed laparoscopically, that is, excluding wide surgical incisions, and this greatly facilitates the postoperative period and reduces the risk of postoperative complications. Also, the surgery is not an operation, but rather an outpatient endoscopic procedure. The surgery is for patients with an overweight of 10 to 30 kg or as a preoperative preparation for a patient with morbid obesity.

Mechanism of action of the operation

The presence of gastric balloon in the stomach leads to the fact that a significant part of the stomach becomes filled, and, consequently, the amount of food that a person can consume decreases. Also, the balloon stretches the walls of the stomach so that the saturation receptors are in an irritated state. In addition, this irritation leads to a rapid feeling of satiety.

How your surgeon inserts the gastric balloon?

It takes place under the control of gastroscopy and occurs under general anesthesia. To begin with an examination of the esophagus and stomach for the possible presence of diseases that may be a contraindication. Your surgeon starts to administer it through the mouth of the patient. The syringe is connected to the catheter, and the balloon begins to inflate, filling with liquid to the volume (500 ml). The catheter is then pulled out of the balloon, and the valve closes. In the patient’s stomach, the balloon becomes a free ball. The last step of the procedure is to remove the gastroscope and catheter.

For how long it is placed?

The maximum time of the balloon in the stomach is 6 months. After this period of time, the balloon must necessarily be removed, since hydrochloric acid, which is present in the gastric juice, gradually destroys its walls. On request of the patient to continue treatment in this way, through replacement with a new one.

How a person loses weight after installing gastric balloon?

Weight loss begins immediately after the treatment. The weight loss of patients for 6 months of balloon installation ranges from 0 to 40 kg. The results of weight loss had determined by compliance with the postoperative diet.

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