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Smile Design in Turkey

What is smile design?

Smile design is the application for obtaining a natural and aesthetic appearance of teeth and gums. Which have deteriorated aesthetically while considering both the facial shapes and the needs of the patient. Every patient laughs differently and it is possible to say that everyone has a unique smile. Reflecting the mood of the patients, laughing is also among the indicators that have significant effects on mood. Thanks to the studies in the field of aesthetic dentistry, anyone who has problems with their teeth and gums can have a more pleasant and aesthetic smile.

What are the advantages of smile design?

Every patient has an aesthetic smile after smile design applications. A significant improvement occurs in the tooth structure. Besides, patients can receive the harmony of the teeth with the lips and the face. In this way, teeth have gained a brighter and more vibrant structure. In addition, patients gain various advantages in terms of both dental and oral health.

One of the most important factors in smile design is age. Besides, it also holds an important position that the dentist who will operate is an expert in his/her field and remains in contact with the patient to meet the patient’s expectations during the procedures.

What processes does smile design involve?

The aesthetic needs of each patient will be different. Thus, the dental procedures will be customized patient by patient.

First of all, existing decayed teeth and gum diseases are treated before the smile design. Afterwards, procedures are applied further for the best-customized design


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