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Arm Lift Surgery – What is it?

Arm Lift Surgery – What is it?

Arm lift surgery helps with sagging skin. Over time, the skin loses its tone and former appearance. This is due to age-related changes in the structure of the skin, hormonal changes in the body, weight loss or gain. These changes are very noticeable on the inside of the arms from the shoulder to the elbow. They can be delayed by physical activity, hydration and massages. However, this is often not enough. Arm lift surgery is a surgical operation aimed at improving the upper part of the hands. During it, depending on the chosen type of procedure, excess fat is pumped out of this area, excess skin is removed, and special threads are inserted for support.

Why does the inner surface of the shoulder gain subcutaneous fat? -Arm Lift Surgery

There are a large number of reasons why our hands become less attractive. Excessive consumption of high-calorie food, which leads to a set of fat tissue, can change your inner shoulder surface almost beyond recognition. Also, with age, our skin loses elasticity. Because of this, flabby places can form on the inner surface of the shoulder (“wings”). There are other reasons.

Lack of proper care:

Almost every woman cares about the beauty of her hands. But more attention is paid not to the inner surface of the shoulder, but to the hands. To make your hands look attractive, do not forget about comprehensive care. You should regularly use nourishing and moisturizing products in combination with massage to prevent sagging skin on the inner surface of the shoulder.

Bad habits:

Smoking and excessive alcohol consumption greatly harm your skin, making it less elastic. This is due to the fact that harmful substances entering the body slow down the processes of tissue regeneration. Metabolism becomes worse, collagen in the body is synthesized much less. All this can bring even a young woman to the operating table. Therefore, try to give up bad habits for the sake of the health and beauty of your skin.

Lack of physical activity:

Untrained hands tend to look less attractive because they are not in good shape. Prevention of loss of elasticity of the skin on the inner side of the shoulder can serve as regular exercise. While their absence leads to the appearance of flabbiness. Do not forget that muscle tone determines the condition of the skin of the whole body and hands in particular. Physical activity on the triceps area will allow you to delay the process of sagging.

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