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Breast Enlargement Costs in Turkey

Breast Enlargement Costs in Turkey

For more than a decade, breast enlargement has been among the top 5 most popular plastic surgeries for women. According to the forecasts of surgeons, this procedure will continue to remain popular. There are several reasons for this. 

Firstly, women are not afraid of surgical intervention anymore, because they were convinced by the example of many friends that a high-quality breast enlargement operation does not entail negative consequences and does not require long-term hospitalization.

Recovery after breast enlargement surgery is also quite fast, because over the years, plastic surgeons have learned the subtleties of such manipulations and can minimize possible risks.

What affects the cost of breast enlargement surgery?

The cost of breast enlargement surgery consists of many components. CK Health Turkey will help you to figure out the main ones.

Professionalism and experience of surgeons

The experience of a specialist who will directly perform the operation is something that cannot be saved on in any case.

Consultation before surgery

Without it, no self-respecting plastic surgeon will start the operation. It is important to communicate with the patient, to listen to all the wishes of the patient.

For a woman, such a consultation is also of great importance. This operation is a serious step, so you need to make sure that the chosen specialist is qualified and understand that you can trust him with your health.


They may have similar characteristics, but a product from a more famous manufacturer will certainly cost more. The most popular implants are silicone. There are also bioimplants that are filled with a natural polymer (carboxymethylcellulose). However, they also have their own disadvantages and limitations, and are significantly more expensive.


These are disposable materials necessary for the operation: bandages, diapers, masks, gauze pads, and so on.


All medications used for anesthesia are also included in the cost of plastic surgery for breast augmentation. At the same time, it is necessary to take into account the cost of the work of the anesthesiologist.

The operation itself

This is directly the work of the surgeon and his assistants, as well as the medical staff who monitors the patient after the operation.

Hospital stay

As we have already said, this surgery does not require long-term hospitalization, but after the operation, monitoring is still necessary.

Compression underwear, dressings

All this is necessary for a woman in the first weeks after the operation.

Also, for this operation, not only implants can be used, but also the patient’s own body fat. On the one hand, these are additional surgical manipulations, but on the other — minus the cost of implants. 

But it is impossible to call this a full-fledged method of this surgery, since this technique allows you to adjust the volume of the bust slightly —a maximum of half the size, and has a number of limitations. But in some cases, this surgery supplemented with lipofilling to achieve the most natural result.

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