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Breast Surgery – Top 8 Myths

Breast Surgery – Top 8 Myths

Breast surgery is a popular, safe and effective surgery. Despite this, it is associated with many myths and stereotypes that frighten women. The main reason for this is the lack of objective information about the nuances and features of breast surgery. So, we uncover outdated myths and dispel them.

Myth 1. The implant can burst

Myths about this come from the 90s, when breast surgery was done with saline. Also, modern implants are highly reliable and safe for women’s health. They can withstand a pressure of about 90 kilograms per square centimeter. Additionally, modern products do not deform, and even more so do not explode, due to changes in atmospheric pressure. Breast augmentation does not limit a woman. She can safely dive, swim under water and fly in an airplane.

Myth 2. Anatomical implants are better than round ones

There is no clear answer. Breast surgery is a woman’s desire, but the choice of implants for this is more the decision of a specialist. In addition, your plastic surgeon certainly takes into account the wishes of the woman, but the final decision depends on the initial anatomical data of the patient.

Myth 3. Implants cause breast cancer

This question has been studied by many experts, there are many studies. Their essence is as follows: breast cancer in women with breast implants is not more common than in women without them. Thus, breast augmentation does not affect the incidence of cancer, and implants do not interfere with diagnosis.

Myth 4. Implants need to be changed sometimes

You can count on a lifetime wear of implants. They are not forcibly changed, only on the basis of indications. All patients who have decided on breast augmentation may require repeated surgery. But not because the implants “deteriorated”. They are changed when you want to do a second mammoplasty operation to change the size of the breast, when there was an injury that violated the integrity of the implant, or in case of dissatisfaction with the cosmetic result after the increase.

Myth 5. Breast augmentation surgery can only be done in winter

Of course, as well as in spring, summer and autumn. Breast augmentation is not required to be performed in a specific time of a year. The only thing worth considering is that during rehabilitation, compression underwear can not be removed for two weeks. In the cool season, it is more convenient to wear and hide under clothes than in the summer.

Interesting fact: breast augmentation is most often done in Brazil, and there the average annual temperature is 30 degrees plus. Make a conclusion.

Myth 6. With implants, you can not do sport and lead an active lifestyle

You should know that breast augmentation is the same operation as the rest. Breast surgery involves restrictions during the rehabilitation period. It is necessary to refrain from sports in the first two months after mammoplasty. Then you can gradually move on to physical activity.

Millions of women with implants lead an active lifestyle. They do not limit themselves — skydiving, diving, skiing, archery.

Myth 7. Breast augmentation is done the same for everyone

In modern medicine, only a personalized approach is used.

Breast augmentation involves the choice of implants — round or anatomically shaped. There are different ways of installing them – under the muscle or under the mammary gland, as well as incisions — in the armpit, under the breast, along the areola of the nipple. The main thing is the experience, qualification and professionalism of a plastic surgeon.

Myth 8. Ugly scars

Breast augmentation without a scar is not yet possible, but thanks to modern techniques, they are almost invisible. After complete healing, our patients perform cosmetic procedures (grinding, peeling, cream, etc.) that reduces visibility to almost 0.

The location of the scar depends on the access with which your operation will be performed: Submammary – under the breast. Usually, there is a thin arched scar, similar to the mark of a bra.

Periareolar – through the areola of the nipple. After the operation, there is an almost imperceptible trace around the nipple.

Transaxillary – the armpit. The scar is hidden in the crease under the woman’s arm, so it is hidden from prying eyes.

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