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FAQs of Prominent Ear Surgery

FAQs of Prominent Ear Surgery

Prominent Ear surgery is one of the first surgeries that comes to mind when it comes to aesthetic ear surgery. It is possible to eliminate the aesthetically unwanted image with the same surgical operation. The auricle, whose angles corrected by surgery, ensured to as much as close to the head. If necessary during Prominent Ear surgery, it can be done to reduce the size of the ear. This condition is often used for the size of the earlobe.

The problem of the Prominent Ear precisely caused by the under-development, lack of formation or inadequate development of the ear folds. The first thing you see from looking at people with prominent ears is that the ear stays further away from the skull.

Aesthetic appearance constitutes the biggest concern in the problem of Prominent Ears. People who suffer from prominent ears cannot get short haircuts, while women cannot give their hair any hair shape they want. 

These conditions can cause social problems in the person. Therefore, it may lead to wanting to have Prominent Ear surgery. They may also want to have surgery due to the social problems it creates.

The operation usually performed under local anesthesia. In cases where the patient is a child, surgery may require general anesthesia.

How Prominent Ear Surgery is performed?

Many different surgical techniques used in aesthetic surgeries performed for the purpose of Prominent Ear correction. In some surgeries, a small amount of cartilage removed from the tissue or the cartilage slightly filled without removing the tissue at all. Also, the ear given the desired shape in this way. The anatomical curvy structure of the ear folded so that the ear turned back without damage, and the possibility of reopening the folding part. Its eliminated by permanent stitching, and the incision is finally closed with skin stitches.

Seams used not only to hold the ear, but also to change direction. It liberalized by using different techniques between the ear cartilage and the skin. Thus, getting rid of the resistance on it and maintaining its own shape. Since the sutures behind the ear are self-dissolving sutures in a short time, there is no such thing as having stitches after Prominent Ear surgery. In order to avoid bleeding after ear aesthetic surgery, bandages applied to the patient.

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