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Fat Transfer (Fat Injection) In Turkey

Fat Transfer (Fat Injection) In Turkey

What should I know before my fat transfer (fat injection) procedure?

First of all, with your surgeon, you will be able discuss where fat will be obtained for fat injection. Along with the area where your surgeon will extract the fat injected. And also the amount of fat to be transferred.

It is the most crucial to stop smoking and alcohol use and taking blood thinners before fat transfer (fat injection) procedure.

How many hours does a fat transfer (fat injection) procedure take?

Depending on the number of application areas and the amount of fat to be transferred, the duration of the operation can vary between one to six hours.

How the Recovery Process will be after my fat transfer (fat injection) procedure?
  • The healing time varies depending on the extent of the fat transfer procedure. Generally, recovery time is approximately between of 1 to 7 days. The time of recovery may vary patient by patient.
  • In the case of multiple applications, your surgeon may suggest a one night stay at the hospital.
  • You can start take a shower only after 48 hours after the fat transfer (fat injection) procedure.
  • The stitches utilized during fat transfer procedure usually self dissolve thus they do not medical intervenience when removing them from the body.
  • You should be wearing a special corset after the procedure around the operated area.
  • Although it varies depending on the nature of the fat transfer procedure. The patient can get back to his/her daily life a week later that is at the latest.
  • On average, approximately a week after the procedure. The swelling in the area where your surgeon applied the filling injection disappears and the area takes its final shape.

Am I eligible to have a fat transfer procedure?

Anyone who does not have a medical condition that prevents the operation can have fat injections. Candidate patients should be at the age of 18 or older in order to receive fat transfer (fat injection) procedure by law.

Can fat cells be stored for my next procedure?

Fat cells cannot be stored for your next procedure.

Will the injected fat dissolve after fat transfer procedure?

If it is not enriched with stem cells, 70% -80%. When there is stem cell application, 20% -50% may dissolve depending on the application area.

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