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Thigh Lift – How to receover post-op?

Thigh Lift – How to receover post-op?

Thigh lift operation is performed directly on the legs of the patient. It is the patient will have to avoid any intensive movements for a few weeks after the thigh lift surgery. Also, it is the most important to protect the sewing area. As in many plastic surgery operations, it will be a high necessity to use a corset. Your health professionals will inform you about the length of corset use. Also, your surgeon will convey all the details about before and after the surgery of thigh lift. It is a must for the patient to fully comply with the doctor’s recommendations. That way, the time of recovery is lessened.

After the thigh lift surgery, the patient should also take great care for the suture area. Therefore, it is the most crucial part to pay attention to the state of recovery period. Failure to comply with doctor's orders can prolong the time for recovery. Also, failure to pay attention to hygiene around the operated area can be dangerous; not having enough rest and exhaustive exercises can cause complications are also too.

On the other hand, if the patient pays enough attention to the signified points above after the thigh lift during the recovery period, over time, the patient have tighter and smoother legs that has the desired shape. At this point, it is important for the patient to show the necessary care and to choose the right doctor and the right operation site along with high quality materials used during surgery. Therefore, the patient is recommended to be sensitive in regards to making a decision to have thigh lift surgery. See the below for further details for a quicker and smooth healing process

Number 1 step for Recovery after your thigh lift

• There will be swelling in the legs for the first few days after the Leg lift surgery. This swelling after surgery will reach as it’s highest in the first 48 hours and will decrease vastly over time. Sutures are supported by tapes for the first week till third week. You can return to school or work after approximately between 6 – 7 days. Stitches in the inner leg area sometimes do not heal quickly. At this stage, the use of corsets is absolutely necessary. This corset is worn for at least one month depending on your health status after surgery. Also, some additional time of 1 to 3 months may be required.

Number 2 step for Recovery after your thigh lift

  • Stitches due to surgery can be removed within 10 to 15 days. After the operation, the legs are bandaged completely. Plastic pipes that collect blood and other fluids called drains are placed inside the operation area on the inside of the legs. Drains are removed in between 2 to 7 days. Postoperative blood thinners (such as low molecular weight heparin) are initiated and the patient is raised and walked on the 1st postoperative day.

Number 3 step for Recovery after your thigh lift

  • It is important to keep the legs elevated in the first 2 weeks after surgery. This will prevent excessive sweating. Heavy exercise is prohibited for at least six weeks and light walks can be started after 3 weeks.

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