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When you confirm your rezervation with one of our Ck Health Turkey representitives your flight information is uploaded into our system, your schedule is taken out by our team and porvided to you prior to your arrival and your transfers are arranged. Depending on the time of your arrival, treatmeant detail and departure from Antalya, Turkey your schedule is carried out. For the duration of your treatmeant you will have constant support of our field team members and updated regarding your scheduling regularly, your appointment times are provided to you in advance either the day before or within the same morning of your appointment. The field team members of Ck Health Turkey that will assist you through your journey will be available 24/7 for any additional support and assistance. For any additional information regarding the details of your scheduling, please contact one of our representitives.

Once your rezervation is confirmed and uploaded into our systems, your arrival and departure times are scheduled and our field team is informed for your arrival. Our VIP Veichle as well our field team members will be tracking your flight for any delays ot further updates. Our team will be arriving to the airport 15 minutes prior to your flight and one of our team members will be ready to greet you outside the gate holding a sign with your name. Your schedule is went over with our field staff on your way to your first destination and you are informed about further details of your treatmeant. On your way back after completing your treatmeant, you are informed a day in advance of your pick up time to leave for the airport, in any changes that may occur regarding the time of your departure, you may provide your updated flight information to our field team at least 12 hours prior to your flight, in any case of forcemajor patients are welcome to change their flight inforation at anytime by simply informationg one of our team members first.

In order to confirm your rezervation after recieving your conusltation details you would need to provide Ck Health Turkey representitives with your flight information within 3 days. In any case where the 3 days of confirmation period cannot be met you may simply inform a representitive regarding your situation. If you were to complete your rezervation for the upcoming 3 months you are not obligated to leave a deposit to finalize your rezervation. If you are thinking of confirming your rezervation for later than the upcoming 3 months a representitive amount of deposit is mandatory to confirm your rezervation. Once your rezervation is confirmed you will be recieving your official pricing quotation and your  confirmation letter. For more information regarding the confirmation of your rezervation, please do not hesitate to contact Ck Health Turkey team.

Ck Health Turkey provides exclusive healthcare packages. We do provide packages that cover all of your expenses related to your treatmeant within the pricings of your operation. We are overly sensitive for you to not have any extra expenses related to your treatmeant.Your treatmeant package will involve your transportation, all of your transfers inclusive of your clinic, hospital, airport, hotel transfers will be made within our VIP veichle services. Including your comprehensive pre – post operation checkups and consultations, medications and aftercare medications if needed will be provided for you within your package. You will be recieving VIP Nurse support that will be assigned to accompany you the night you will be spending at the hospital for any assistance as well as our field team will assist you throughout your stay. Lastly your accomadation is also inclusive within your services and your stay is arranged and booked prior to your arrival.

The duration of your stay is arranged accordingly to make sure to eliminate any associated future complication risk to a bare minimum, and you will be contacted for updates regularly by our representitives of your recovery progress although in any case of a future complication to come into your attantion, you can simply contact with one of our representitives and necessary measures are taken for your safety. For more information you can always contact one of our representitives.

When your reservation is completed, your date and appointments are confirmed on our systems. Afterwards in any changes that may occur regarding your arrival time or date, it is essential for the Ck Health Turkey team to be informed in advance to confirm any available dates for the desired date to be changed as well as your scheduling to be updated. For more information do not hesitate to contact Ck Health Turkey Team.

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