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Mommy Makeover – What is it?

Mommy Makeover – What is it?

Mommy Makeover is also known as maternity aesthetics, postpartum aesthetics or mother make-up. Mommy makeover is the name given to the surgery in which tummy tuck and breast aesthetics are performed in one session. Maternal aesthetics include breast augmentation, breast reduction, lifting, tummy tuck and liposuction and liposuction operations. Also, mommy makeover planned depending on the request of the patient.

Who can have a mommy makeover?

Any woman who has physical or aesthetic anxiety due to postpartum deformations can have a maternal aesthetic.

What are the benefits of Post Maternity Aesthetics?

It offers a solution to deformations that occur especially after multiple or multiple pregnancy and postpartum: loosened abdomen, sagging breasts that have lost their volume, and stretch marks that occur in the abdomen. Also, having a fitter, younger and aesthetic appearance after having children offers a solution for women. It can boost self-confidence too. In addition, the fact that more than one operation performed at once provides an economic advantage.

What are operations does Mommy Makeover include?

There are many plastic surgeries can involve in this procedure. As per the request of the patient mommy makeover planned. In general, tummy tuck and breast surgery involved firstly.

Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty): Liposuction also applied in tummy tuck surgeries. With liposuction, excess fat removed from the waist, sides and back area. After birth, excess skin from the lower abdomen. Also, sagged skin and pregnancy cracks, is removed by abdominoplasty surgery and the skin in the upper abdomen is tightened. After that the abdominal region gets a reshape. With abdominoplasty – liposuction application, a flatter, more fit abdomen and waist emerge. In addition, with the application of liposuction, it also helps to get rid of excess fat in the inner leg. Also the excess fat in arm, lower leg and jowl region resistant to diets and exercise.

Breast Aesthetic Surgeries: It is a lifting operation for sagging breasts that have lost their volume after birth and breastfeeding. In cases where the breast tissue not sufficient, implants can used to increase the breast volume. If surgery performed with breast implants called ‘’breast augmentation’’. If the surgery is to be performed without implants, it is called breast lifting.

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