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10 Reasons Why You Should Choose Turkey for Gastric Sleeve

10 Reasons Why You Should Choose Turkey for Gastric Sleeve

If you decided to read this blog, congratulations, you are already thinking about changing your life and having a Gastric Sleeve operation in Turkey. In general, patients prefer gastric sleeve surgery rather than gastric bypass surgery because it is widely accepted that gastric sleeve surgery is the best and more efficient operation among bariatric surgeries since it offers an effective weight loss surgery process in a healthier way.

In recent years, Turkey has made significant progress in the field of health care, especially obesity operations, and the effect of the investments made by the government are quite efficient. Furthermore, the success rate of bariatric surgery in Turkey is extremely high, with promising results. Now, let’s take a look at the 10 reasons to get your gastric sleeve in Turkey.

1) Reasonable Prices

First and foremost, one of the major problems regarding bariatric surgeries is their price, especially in the UK, USA, and some other countries. However, in Turkey, prices for gastric sleeve surgery are lower compared to those countries. There is a price difference up to 40 % – 50 % compared to UK and USA. Thus, it is possible to get the treatment you want without compromising the quality of service.

2) No Waiting List

Probably another challenge of having Gastric Sleeve operation in the UK, USA, and some other countries after high prices is the waiting list. Fortunately, in Turkey, there is no waiting list for bariatric surgeries, unlike other countries. Thanks to the increasing demand for bariatric surgeries, the number of doctors and clinics performing this surgery has also increased, so all patients can have this surgery without waiting if they are suitable.

3) Safe

Turkey is one of the safest countries when it comes to medical services. There are laws that ensure equal, safe, and quality treatment. Additionally, these laws are followed very strictly as well. Thus, you can have a safe weight loss surgery in Turkey. 

3) High-Quality Hospitals and Clinics

Since Turkey is a highly preferred country in the medical sector, all the materials used in the hospitals and clinics are highly hygienic and advanced. This allows doctors and surgeons to use more advanced techniques during operations. It is also possible to say that such well-designed clinics and hospitals with modern technology are increasing day by day. With the help of advanced technology used in Turkey, the possibility of experiencing complications after the gastric sleeve operation is minimized.

4) Experienced and Successful Doctors

Most of the doctors in Turkey are internationally successful and qualified. They also have several years of experience in their fields since, as mentioned above, a significant number of patients travel to Turkey from all over the world to have surgery. It would also be worth mentioning that Turkey is one of the countries that has the best bariatric surgeons in Turkey and always get satisfying results.

5) All-Inclusive Packages

Probably one of the best advantages of having a medical operation in Turkey is the treatment packages. Undoubtedly, these packages are very popular and preferred by patients. Although the contents and prices of these packages vary, they usually include the operation cost, tests and examinations at the hospital/clinic, VIP transfers, accommodations, and in some cases, pre and post-operative medications and VIP staff. So, all you have to do is to book your ticket!

6) Easy and Affordable Access to Turkey

Speaking of tickets, you will see that plane tickets to Turkey are affordable, and the flight only takes a few hours! That is, you can go to Turkey without having to travel for long hours and without getting tired, so you can even enjoy the city before surgery.

7) Bilingual Surgeons and Staff

In Turkey, most doctors and staff can speak English fluently, and even if they cannot speak English, the hospitals and clinics can easily provide a translator. Especially in high-quality clinics and hospitals, you will not have any problem regarding communication.

8) Medical Care

Before the surgery, many tests and examinations are performed in order to see if the patient is suitable for the operation and minimize complications during or after the surgery. Moreover, patients are closely monitored after the surgery for a few days and even later by VIP nurses at the hotel if necessary. For instance, after the bariatric surgery, when patients go back to their home, clinics closely follow their post-operative periods and have online meetings with a dietitian that are assigned to them. Such post-operative communications are significant to assist patients in weight loss and to maintain this process.

10) Tourism

Last but not least, it is commonly known that Turkey is the heart of the holiday, so, every year, Turkey receives millions of tourists. Before your surgery, you can enjoy the beach, Turkish spa, or historical places around the city you choose to have surgery in. Thus, not only for the patients but also for their accompaniments, there is a fantastic option to spend their time discovering Turkey’s both natural and cultural richness. By choosing Turkey-Antalya for your gastric sleeve, you can combine your operation with an amazing holiday.

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