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All inclusive Obesity Surgery in Turkey

All inclusive Obesity Surgery in Turkey

Every year, ‘’Turkish Medical Tourism’’ continues to thrive and attract patients around the world. Approximately, half of the same foreign patients visit Turkey for their obesity surgery. Knowing that Turkey is a paradise for holidays, you can combine your treatment with vacation with CK Health Turkey.

Most of the foreign patients come to Turkey from Europe. The reason behind is that the obesity surgery costs are much more conveniently priced in Turkey. Keep in mind that CK Health Turkey offers closed bariatric operations. Also, this will help you to mobilize quickly and to recover fast.

What is Obesity and how it is defined?

It can be said that the most common types of surgeries performed are sleeve gastrectomy, and gastric bypass surgery in Turkey. We conduct consultations to determine your current health status and obesity surgery that is the most suitable to you.

After you get an obesity surgery that is most suitable for you, regardless of your weight loss progress, you may be able to lessen the negative effects of your diabetics, if any, over time without further medication use.

Obesity, defined as the collection of fat in the human body. In a level that will negatively affect health. The excess weight that a person has interacts with a lot of variables. Such as, genetic factors, eating habits, environmental and psychosocial effects.

Recently, it has been thought that the unobstructed rise in obesity levels is influenced by the current environmental conditions rather than by their genetic effects.

There is an increase in incidence of various chronic diseases. Such as osteoarthritis, cancer, diabetes mellitus, hypertension, dyslipidemia, sleep apnea in people with morbid obesity. Therefore, decreased life expectancy and quality of life of patients exist.

What are the Types of Obesity?

Recently, researches have been carried out on which areas of the body fat localized, rather than the total amount of fat in the patient. Because, the area of fat distribution associated with the occurrence of chronic diseases and morbidity. Along with higher rates of mortality diseases. Obesity is categorized into 2 types according to the localization of fat in the body.

  • Gynoid Type Obesity

Gynoid type obesity is defined as observation of intense fat localization in the hip area of the patient. It is also known as pear-type. Which is more common in women patients.

  • Android Type Obesity

The patient has an increase in adipose tissue, especially in the abdomen and waist area. Android obesity (abdominal, central obesity) carries with it many additional diseases. For example; diabetes mellitus, hypertension, hypercholesterolemia etc… Female patients who have a waist-hip ratio greater than 0.85 and male patients who have greater than 1.0 are considered to be suffering from obesity. This type of obesity is generally seen in male patients.

What are the types of Bariatric Surgery?

In weight loss surgery, the same intervention methods are not applied to every patient. However, all obesity surgeries are performed by laparoscopic, that is, closed surgery method by CK Health Turkey.

Weight loss surgeries are performed by reaching into the abdomen through millimetric holes without a large abdominal incision. Patients start to be on their feet on the same day of their bariatric surgery. At the same time, they can be discharged from the hospital within a few days.

CK Health Turkey patients can return to their work within 1 week. Since there are no large incision points, you feel less pain. Also, you can have aesthetically pleasing results. The bariatric surgeries are classified as below:

1. Volume Reduction Surgeries

• Laparoscopic Gastric Balloon

• Gastric Sleeve

2. Absorption Disruptive Surgeries

• Gastric Bypass

• Mini gastric bypass

Who cannot have bariatric surgeries?

  • Those with psychiatric problems that will prevent from logical thinking;
  • Those with substance addiction;
  • Those who cannot make the necessary lifestyle changes in their eating habits after surgery;
  • Those who have a disease that will complicate the surgery as these require anesthesia.

How is the Surgical Treatment of Obesity?

Note that 66% of the patients start to gain weight back again in 24 months when the non-surgical methods applied. Consequently, obesity surgery treatment has already been the most popular option when losing weight. Obesity surgery can relieve patients from fatal risks due to suffering from obesity.

At the same time it can prevent sudden death due to the existence of obesity and elevates quality of life.

Bariatric surgery provides long-term weight loss while providing a longer life span. Remember that it is only applicable when you receive your treatment from highly experienced health care professionals. Thus, there is a high chance of sustainable and an efficient weight loss through bariatric surgery.

Republic of Turkey serves international patients who come all over the world in the field of bariatric surgery. Also, in the most professional and sincere manner. There is a huge success on both preoperative and postoperative services and the high quality of medical techniques in Turkey.

CK Health exists so that you can receive a treatment that is safe, reliable and affordable at the same time. CK Health Headquarters located in Antalya so that you can combine your medical treatment with a vacation. During your obesity surgery with CK Health Turkey, you will be accomodated in a hotel near the beachside in Konyaalti.

Moreover, the cost of bariatric surgery in Turkey in 2021 accepted to be in an affordable level that provides satisfaction and gets attention from patients all over the world.

Who is not suitable for obesity surgery?

Obesity surgery also called ‘’weight loss surgery’’ or ‘’bariatric surgery’’. You should be eligible in order to have the medical surgery. Also, CK Health Turkey experts that are health care professionals will evaluate you and your medical history to determine your eligibility. During your first consultation, diseases related to obesity and your psychological status are in evaluation.

Also, you must be ready psychologically for the obesity surgery. Excessive eating disorder, drug addiction, anxiety, depression, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder can make these kinds of surgeries challenging.

The patients that are over than the age of 65 or that have liver cirrhosis, sicknesses that lead to bleeding or infection or serious heart conditions are at high risk. Therefore, not suitable for bariatric surgeries. The patients who have high progressed cancer or hypertension are also not suitable for bariatric surgeries. Therefore they not approved for the process.

Also, the patients whose BMIs not suitable cannot have bariatric surgeries. Be cautious of clinics that offer you obesity surgery even though your BMI is not suitable. By law, it is illegal to do so. Also, this applies to which country you choose to have your surgery in.

What are the types of Obesity Surgeries?

Medical procedures applied since the 1950s to eliminate obesity. Especially when obesity became an emerging serious health problem in the 1980s. Vertical banded gastroplasty surgeries applied commonly for obesity treatment.

Thus, it attracted attention with its satisfying results. However, the gastric band’s rate of success has decreased exponentially. That is why, it is no longer popular as much as other types of bariatric surgeries

The studies that relate to obesity surgery show that the patients who have undergone these kinds of surgical treatments have started to have a higher quality of life standards. At the same time, they achieved a higher capacity of using their physical functions better than before.

Obesity surgery helps patients through decreasing level of food consumption and level of absorption on stomach and intestines.

The most common obesity surgeries are laparoscopic gastric bypass and sleeve gastrectomy.

Obesity surgery, bariatric surgery or metabolic surgery are not different types of surgeries. Also, these three terms mean the same and consist of the same purpose. The obesity surgery called metabolic surgery since it cures obesity that comes from high cholesterol, diabetes and hypertension.

You can call metabolic since these three problems called metabolic syndrome. They get a treatment from the same surgery. “

Baros” means heavy and “iatros” means doctor in Ancient Greek. The Word bariatric comes from the connection of these two words to express the treatment of the patients who have gained excessive amounts of weight.

A small introduction to Bariatric Surgeries

A gastric sleeve works through removing a large portion of the stomach. Also, capacity of the stomach vastly reduced and it starts to have a small portion of food. Thus, feeling full after eating much less food and being less hungry between meals are the results of sleeve gastrectomy surgery.

A gastric bypass surgery causes malabsorption. At the same time, it is an obesity surgery to reduce the stomach volume. Also, gastric bypass surgery is a method which includes sequential anastomosis of this small volume with the remaining digestive system and small intestines.

Gastric balloon treatment restricts food intake by placing a balloon filled with water. Also, that inserted endoscopically into the stomach of the patient. Also, gastric balloon treatment can result with weight loss of the patient. Although it is a very easy method, it is a procedure that you should be careful about. Because it severely restricts food intake, but does not cause a change in the feeling of hunger.

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